This Elegant Vaporizer Packaging Comes With Some Tropical Elements

by Natalie Mouradian on 06/15/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Marie-Helene Goulet designed the packaging for Alair Vaporizers, a new high-end vape pen.

“The utmost in sophistication on the vaporizer scene, Alair is an ultra sleek, no-fuss pen created for seasoned connoisseurs and casual users alike. Slim as a pencil, each Alair vaporizer can deliver approximately 150 pulls and produce significant vapor plumes on demand. Dose delivery is easily achieved and modulated, providing an effortless, elegant experience. 
‘Sleek and the vaporizer market, this is The Great Gatsby of rechargeable pens.’- BioReleaf Inc.”

“The Alair pen consists of a streamlined rechargeable battery encased in a matte black body, and a gold-accented clear glass cartridge that lets you see how much oil you have left. Each pen comes with a convenient, compact usb charger for life on the go.”


Designed By: Marie-Helene Goulet
Client: Alair Vaporizers
Photography: Kornelia Kulbacki
Location: Vancouver, Canada

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