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20 Almost Unbelievable Brand Extensions with Packaging We Love

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/11/2017 | 24 Minute Read


Brand trust is more important than ever. And when brands have rightfully earned that trust, they can go beyond their original product to explore something different—something unusual, entertaining, or even just plain weird. We've put together 20 amazing packaging designs that come from brands you definitely wouldn't have expected. 

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CP+B designed this special packaging for Domino's Loyalty Stock Box. The packaging features gold elements that provide a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

"Conventional brands tend to see loyalty programs as simply a way to bribe customers to keep coming back, with little to no real loyalty involved. They give out points and punch cards that are worth next to nothing and that’s about it. Domino's doesn't do conventional, so we were challenged to make a rewards program unique and unlike any other.”

Designed by CP+B

Country: United States


The Game of Stranger arrived at The Dieline’s doorstep shortly before the holiday break, and we all instantly dropped whatever we should have been working on to open it up. This was one holiday gift we couldn’t wait to see. This year’s Stranger & Stranger holiday gift certainly didn’t disappoint—it did, however, confuse, excite, and amaze us, all at once.

Designed by Stranger & Stranger

Country: United Kingdom & United States


The holidays may be over, but who says you can’t enjoy another glass or two of delicious mulled wine? Buddy sends out an end-of-year gift to clients and friends that’s absolutely perfect for the season: a red wine that’s been blended with subtle flavors like cinnamon and clove. The packaging for Buddy Mulled Wine 2016 takes the tradition and updates it with a totally modern, striking look.

Designed by Buddy

Country: United Kingdom


For years, Patagonia has been known as the go-to store for camping and adventure gear. And what goes better with the great outdoors than a cold beer? Patagonia Provisions and HopWorks Urban Brewery teamed up to create a Long Root Ale, the first of its kind—made with Kernza®, a soil-regenerating perennial grain. Hype Type Studio was responsible for designing the special brew, incorporating the oh-so-recognizable Mount Fitz Roy.

Designed by Hype Type Studio

Country: United States


This is a bank that goes above and beyond for its customers. Umpqua Private Bank is a community bank in the Pacific Northwest and western United States. CO Projects was tasked with creating a welcome kit for new clients, aiming to make them feel at home and also set the tone for the superior service and consideration they can expect from the bank.

Designed by CO Projects

Country: United States


To celebrate the launch of their new Canadian studio, brand design agency Believe in® have created a special limited edition bottle of premium maple syrup, one of Canada’s most iconic exports. The name, Uproot, reflects the company’s arrival in Canada while also referencing the process of drawing water up through the Maple tree to create the sap from which the syrup is made. 

Designed by Believe in

Country: United Kingdom


The first ever playable Dj pizza box is here for all our UK readers out there. Available in select locations, this one of a kind pizza pie packaging comes equipt with Bluetooth that connects to your computer or mobile device. 

Upon disassembly, the cardboard box's interior is illustrated with a crossfader and two decks with pitch control, volume control, and play, cue, and sync buttons. In order for the mixer to work, Pizza Hut enlisted the help of Novalia, a company who specializes in printed electronics. From there, Novalia was able to embed microscopic electronic devices into the substrate to make what I would call  "the coolest thing ever!". 

Designed by Pizza Hut

Country: United Kingdom


The Happy Meal just got a little more interesting. Mcdonald Sweden is launching a promotion that turns the iconic Happy Meal into a virtual reality headset. A soft launch where only 3,500 will be made.

The promotion is "tied to the Swedish "Sportlov" recreational holiday, during which many families go skiing. With this in mind, McDonald's created a ski-themed VR game, "Slope Stars," for use with the goggles. The game can also be played in a less immersive fashion without them."

Turning the Happy Meal box into a cardboard VR set is fairly easy with perforated lines and folds, inserting the VR lenses that are included and inserting your own smartphone.

Via: Adweek


We here at The Dieline were especially lucky to see this gorgeous packaging in person. Every year Stranger & Strangerputs together a holiday gift that never fails to impress, and this year’s fragrance is certainly a beauty. More than just pretty packaging, though, their 2015 holiday gift is an experience for all the senses.

Designed by Stranger & Stranger

Country: United States, United Kingdom


You may never look at a bottle of Windex the same again. Moschino is taking something familiar that practically everyone has in their own home and giving it a spin of luxury. The new fragrance, Moschino Fresh, perfectly resembles a bottle of window cleaner, right down to the azure liquid and the spray bottle top. While the spray bottle is non-functioning (it acts as a lid for the perfume sprayer), this is an undeniably fun and quirky eau de parfum.

“This perfume is inspired by the Summer 2016 collection and contains fresh notes of mandarin, bergamot, ylang-ylang, raspberry, patchouli and ambrox.”

Designed by Moschino, Jeremy Scott

Country: Italy


There are a ton of different custom playing cards out on the market these days but none like this one. With the help of Human After All, Facebook created a new deck of playing cards to help agencies from around the world easily access their marketing insights. Each deck is personalized with fun illustrations and packaged in a standard card box embellished with a clean geometric design. More than 1,000 decks have been distributed around the world to agencies containing not only the company's stats but country-specific insights, particularly for U.K, France, Italy and Spain.

Designed by Human After All

Country: United Kingdom


Back in April, we posted a photo of KFC's edible nail polish on facebook not sure whether the product was in existence or just another clever April Fool's joke. Well, we can now confirm that these FINGER LICKIN' GOOD polishes are actually real and taste just like chicken! A project years in the making, Ogilvy & Mather worked with food scientists over at McCormick to develop these special goodies for KFC Hong Kong. 

Designed by Ogilvy & Mather

Country: Hong Kong


If you have a serious sweet tooth for donuts, you got to check out Big Poppa. Created by Biggie Smalls for their clients, a napoleon of glazed donuts are packaged in a vibrant bespoke tube fitted with an aluminum cap. A deliberate tactic of stacking one treat over the other ensures that the consumer would remove each donut one at a time. 

"These days getting through the front door and onto the desk of any busy brand or marketing team can be a real battle. And so we created our very own trojan horse, disguised as three irresistible donuts. We were confident our little sugar bombs would strike straight at the heart."

Designed by Biggie Smalls

Country: Australia


Part book, part gourmet snack. Volkswagen is celebrating the GTI’s birthday in an incredibly unique way. Memac Ogilvy & Mather designed this book that features breathtaking images of roads from all around the world that look, quite literally, good enough to eat.

“Known for defying convention, and occasionally physics, it’s hard to believe the GTI has been around for 40 years. To mark the occasion Volkswagen has cooked up something special: The Eat the Road Selection box—a gourmet selection of the world’s meanest roads, hand-picked especially for the GTI—a car designed to eat any road. From the sea highways of Norway to the Arizona Valley of Fire, each road is uniquely flavoured to bring to life the destinations from around the world.”

Designed by Memac Ogilvy & Mather

Country: United Arab Emirates


Every party needs a bottle or two of Absolut. Or even better, a chrome ice bucket and LED-studded Bottle Glorifier. Designed by Butterfly Cannon, these accessories are a must for anyone who loves the "over the top". 

Absolut Vodka is a world-renowned global brand, with an iconic bottle and defined off-trade aesthetic. However their presence in the on-trade did not share the same consistent look and feel across all markets and they needed to re-establish Absolut as an exciting night time brand. So Absolut came to ButterflyCannon with the challenge of re-evaluating and refreshing their entire global range of POSM.

Designed by Butterfly Cannon

Country: United Kingdom


Packaged with the KFC colors of red and white and decorated with the iconic Colonel Sanders, this novelty item is exploding on the internet and if you are one of the few to acquire one, lucky you!  



Are YOU registered to vote? This year's presidential elections have never been more important and to encourage the younger generation to vote, Frito-Lay's Dorito brand has teamed up with Rock the Vote to stress its priority. 

Designed by Frito-Lays

Country: United States


If you’re watching the Superbowl, chances are you’re doing some serious snacking and drinking. Unfortunately, some people will still get behind the wheel to drive home after the game, making the roads more dangerous for everyone. Goodby Silverstein & Partners teamed up with Tostitos to bring you a bag of chips that will not only remind you that you’ve been drinking but use near-field communication (NFC) technology to call an Uber for you—and with a $10 discount, to top it off.

Designed by Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Country United States


This is some of the most elegant and beautiful packaging for canned goods that we've ever seen!  Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) have designed the packaging for these 50th anniversary tins of Heinz baked beans.

"Heinz has partnered with Selfridges to mark the 50th anniversary of its famous baked-bean slogan by updating its iconic packaging with limited-edition labels. Fifty different iterations of the catchphrase Beanz Meanz Heinz have been generated from consumers' associations with Heinz Beanz. These variations including 'Beanz Meanz Mumz', 'Beanz Meanz Eggz' and 'Beanz Meanz Dinz' now emblazon tins."

Designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR)

Via: Dezeen


It's that time of year again where families gather round to celebrate Easter, which means its time to celebrate by coloring and decorating eggs. Keeping with their tradition of releasing egg coloring kits, Hatch has come out with a special kit to commemorate 10 years of putting these beautiful kits together.

As always, there is a competition to see who can come up with the most beautiful and creative egg designs.

Designed by Hatch

Country: United States

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