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These Are Some Seriously Stylish Glasses

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/16/2017 | 3 Minute Read

These glasses will have you seeing in style. Mucca Design teamed up with designer eyewear company Eponym to create Ottava, a line of unique Italian-inspired glasses. The packaging references a clean, modern look, similar to what the glasses refer to themselves.

"Ottavo, Italian for 'Finally reading glasses that don’t suck.'

Do reading glasses have to look like they came from a drug store? 
Our answer is 'no.'"

"So Mucca partnered with designer eyewear company Eponym, to develop a new line of readers that speaks to a consumer base that’s cultured, confident and creative, just like us. The bold, iconic forms of Italian modernism and the spirit of sprezzatura drove the brand aesthetic, and since one of us is an Italian in real life, we made the perfect team."

"With Eponym, we developed everything from the strategy to the name, packaging, and details of the product design. The brand’s modernist ideals are expressed through a minimal color palette, plenty of negative space and clean sans serif typography, lightened by an irreverent tone of voice. Mucca designed the packaging with luxurious materials and the credo that form follows function: a belly band allows a single box to be used for many combinations of lens powers, shapes, and colors; and the tag on the glasses sleeve doubles as a pull to upon the box. 

Our work for Ottavo brings lo spirito Italiano to life and proves that the humble reader can be just as stylish and unexpected as an Ettore Sottsass chair."


Designed By: Mucca Design
Client: Eponym 
Creative Director: Matteo Bologna
Design Director: Andrea Brown
Designer: Andrea Brown, Erica Heitman-Ford
Photographer: Felipe Oliveira
Copywriter: Andrea Brown
Product Design: Kristen Aronsson, VP Design & Creative Direction
Location: New York

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