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Snowcrystal Is Changing The Way Cosmetics Are Used

by Natalie Mouradian on 06/08/2017 | 3 Minute Read

NINE designed the gorgeous packaging for Snowcrystal, a high-end Swedish cosmetics brand. The packaging for Snowcrystal is unique because it allows for refillable packages, which is an easy way to cut down on waste.

"The beauty industry today is driven by consumers who are demanding better quality products, customized solutions, and brands with sustainable mind-sets more than ever before. Snowcrystal is a premium Swedish cosmetics brand, with the ambition of being the leader in creating something better for both the environment and the consumer. Intended for women of 40 years +, Snowcrystal's cosmetics use intuitive-color technology based on the key undertones of a woman's skin - warm, neutral and cool. We were given the task to create an identity, strategy, and system solution for a range of Snowcrystal’s make-up products." 

"To create customizable solutions that give endless creative possibilities under one brand, we created a system of 'pick and mix' products. Using this method, packages can be refilled to offer greater flexibility and allow for the creation of personalized cosmetics. Palettes can be removed, refilled and switched-up to compose solutions that specifically meet individual needs, at the same time, creating a sustainable system that reduces carbon footprints. 
Ground-breaking make-up needs game-changing packaging, so we gave the packaging the same importance as the product. Making the refill-packages and refillable compacts glisten with pearled paper and a delicate texture in the shape of a snow crystal, allowing for every product to feel like a treat. These much anticipated Snowcrystal products will be launched soon!"


Agency: NINE
Designer: Linn Andersson
Creative Director: Isabelle Dahlborg Lidström
Client: Snowcrystal
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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