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Tattoo Mall's Packaging is Designed To Be Friendly

by Natalie Mouradian on 06/01/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Russian agency Openmint designed this fun, colorful packaging for Tattoo Mall, an online tattoo equipment retailer. The packaging features tattoo-inspired graphics that make the products seem less intimidating and more accessible in general.

“Tattoomall.ru is one of the biggest online tattoo equipment’s seller in Russia. This is the guide into the world of tattooing for everybody — from beginners to professionals.

 The task was to lift the brand in the competitive environment and to invite the beginners who would like to try their hand in tattooing.”

“We show that the tattoo is not a closed subculture, but rather an open space for anyone who wants to try. We created images showing how the tattooing naturally becomes part of life of many different people.The images are fun and ironic. We believe that this visual language would not scare a beginner with excessive severity, and would make a professional smile.”


Art Direction, Design & Illustration: Openmint
Visualization: Yegor Kumachov
Location: Moscow, Russia

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