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XO Flo is the Fresh Take on Feminine Hygiene Product That We've Been Waiting For

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/25/2017 | 2 Minute Read

In a market where feminine hygiene products try to blend in as much as possible, XO Flo stands out. Murmur Creative created the beautiful packaging for this new menstrual cup line.

“XO Flo is a brand new, thoughtfully designed menstrual cup by the women-founded team at GladRags. The name is derived from the cup's unique selling point: two structural rings that form an 'X' inside the cup. This innovative design was also the inspiration behind the logo, designed by Murmur Creative, which features a hand offering a flower in a gesture of love. The brand mirrors XO Flo's desire to guide women on their journey to more environmentally sustainable periods.” 

"XO Flo wanted to break the aesthetic mold in the feminine hygiene category, while still remaining fun and approachable. The team at Murmur Creative was inspired by visually literal representations of 'flow' paired with modern colors and high-end production. The result is a gold foil marbled box that is more reminiscent of a sophisticated perfume than something you would typically find in the menstrual aisle. The infographic style illustrations and bold pops of color keep the packaging feeling fresh, playful, and eye-catching."


Agency: Murmur Creative
Client: Lady Business
Designer: Catherine Renee Dimalla
Creative Director: Andrew Bolton
Printer: Precision Graphics
Location: Portland, Oregon

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