Manitou Candle Co: Hand Poured With Love

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/22/2017 | 3 Minute Read

Durham Brand & Co. created the contemporary yet minimal packaging for Manitou Candle Co., a hand-crafted candle company that pours their wax with love.

"Manitou Candle Co. is a creative hand-poured experience inside an historic bank building. With 100 American wax candles with a hand-stamped scent identification number, these classic candles are created with a contemporary perspective, combining incredible scents and a Mid-Century space into something much more than a 70 hour burn time. The package design and product photography set the stage for the simple yet sophisticated – blending the premium qualities of the package language with the playful nature of the scent backgrounds. Thriving on community and giving back, the backroom serves as a Candle Workshop – a place where people come together to experience an educational class centered around learning, creating and gathering around the flame."


Designer: Durham Brand & Co.
Client: Manitou Candle Co. 
Creative Director: Austin Dunbar
Printer: Steinhauser
Letterpress: Otto's Printing
Photographer: Nick Smith
Videographer: Nate Nunemaker
Location: Covington, USA

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