Illustrative Chocolate Wrappers Showcase the Biodiversity of Peru

by margaret andersen on 05/09/2017 | 3 Minute Read

When Candela, a sustainable foods supplier from Peru wanted to create new packaging for their new product line, they wanted it to reflect the company's mission statement, as well as the beauty of their country's natural environment.  Design agency Infinito stepped in to assist them by creating a series of illustrative patterns that that would promote environmental care and fair trade by showcasing the biodiversity of Peru.

"We proposed a logo based on a simple and geometric candle, making a direct reference to their name (“candela” means “candle” in Spanish). It makes a nice contrast with illustrations that feature the hands of the growers and workers behind the products and that, at the same time, show the richness of peruvian nature. Everything together points out how Candela takes care of the environment and of all the members of their supply chain. 

For the premium chocolate line we made ad hoc illustrations for each variety and, for the rest of the product lines, we established a pattern and graphic estructure that describe each product."


Agency: Infinito
Client: Candela
Designers: Amanda Hirakata, Pamela Espino, Siu Yin Isa, Akemi Niño de Guzman
Illustration: Pamela Espino
Creative Director: Alfredo Burga
Project Managers: Ivette Gonzalez, Joaquín Valdez, Talia Peschiera
General Manager: Claudia Boggio

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