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Adorable Toys that are So Cute You Won’t Mind if the Kids Leave Them Out

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/12/2017 | 4 Minute Read

Playtime just got way prettier! Pavel Emelyanov designed these simple yet utterly adorable line of children’s toys called Bunny Hill. Because they’re made with sustainable, high-quality materials, they not only feel like they clutter the space less but also are made to last.

“Bunny Hill is an online shop of toys and goods for kids interior, focused on beauty and quality. All products are made from sustainable materials, according with the highest international standards. They are created with love and care about kids, but perfect for adults too.”

“The range includes a large selection of goods from Scandinavian brands. This was the starting point for brand identity design. Simple and clear logo got smooth and rounded shapes. White colour, inherent in the traditional swedish design, imparted shining, warm and friendly atmosphere. For Bunny Hill there were also refreshed packaging concept and official website.”


Designed by: Pavel Emelyanov

Art-direction: Pavel Emelyanov

Photo set: Pavel Emelyanov, Irina Emelyanova

Photograph: Anatoly Vasiliev

Country: Russia

City: St. Petersberg

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