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20 Packaging Designs that are Complete Game-Changers for Consumers

by Elizabeth Freeman on 04/06/2017 | 28 Minute Read

Consumers have no problems giving feedback to their favorite brands, but it's then up to the brands to listen. In our 2017 Trend Report, we discovered that many companies are taking a highly consumer-centric approach to listen and learn how they can improve. This is a focus on the “me” in the consumer. We've rounded up 20 amazing packs that have taken extra care and consideration of consumers, and the result: packaging that fits seamlessly into our lives.

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Fast & Fresco is changing the way we look at fresh soup when we're in a rush. The end result is a packaging solution that highlights the freshness and the appeal of the actual product itself. 

"Fresh soups to warm up in the microwave? A new brand is born: Fast & Fresco. Fast & Fresco is a young brand operating in the vegetable market and is distinctive of its cutting edge cooking process which allows the product to keep the freshness of its ingredients. From the name and logotype, to the design of the entire range of packs, a contemporary project was achieved, where style meets the product's freshness.”

Designed by Auge Design

Country: Italy


Emil Dairy needed convenient spoons to serve with their dairy products that would not take up a lot of space or require much material. The Clever House developed V-Spoon, a convenient solution that many other to-go foods will be tempted to try: a thin, small bioplastic spoon that lays flat and then folds together to create a handy utensil.

Designed by The Clever House

Country: Russia


Shopping for your furry friend this holiday season? Check out Shoo X, the only dog grooming kit that satisfies both needs for a clean home and pup. Designed by ONE is FIVE, this kit not only smells great but looks adorable! With a pop of yellow, the Shoo X logo stands boldly on the front of the package. Upon opening, the consumer is greeted with a set of 5 items, a Scrub, Wash, Cleanser, Laundry, and an Odor spray. Each one comes packaged in simple plastic bottles and are screen printed with their purpose. The minimalist aesthetic with this design is brought up a notch with playful colors and strong type. In combination with the campaign photoshoots that set a humorous tone to the brand’s identity, this kit is definitely on The Dieline’s Wish List this Christmas. 

Designed by ONE is FIVE

Country: England


The Daisy Brand has taken the dairy aisle by storm with their new squeezable sour cream pouches. In collaboration with AptarGroup, this stand-out package is great for families with kids who are prone to mess. The resealable flip-top incorporates a silicone dispensing valve to prevent spillage. A flexible film makes up the body of the package with the classic Daisy logo as the star. Although nothing has changed with the company’s brand identity, Daisy is making new and innovative steps to not only stay relevant in today’s marketplace but change the way people experience a 90 year old tradition no spoon required.

Designed by Daisy Brand

Country: United States


The Chez Valois, Montréal created a striking design for a new contemporary brand, Mortier Pilon whose goal was to bring the fun back into the D.I.Y process of preserving food at home in a modern way. The team was involved in all the steps of the brand creation, from product design, to the visual identity, packaging platform, design, photography & more.  

Designed by Daisy Brand

Country: United States


Seriously good 

These are smoothies that offer a serious wake-up call for your body. And just like a pair of lycra shorts, they’re jam packed, with all the good bits bursting to get out. These are seriously healthy smoothies for people who are serious about their health. 

Smoothies are taking grocery by storm. Quick, easy and nutritious, the appetite for smoothies has taken off. And frozen berries are one of the fastest growing categories in grocery.  

Designed by Curious Design

Country: New Zealand


New Orleans is famous for many things—beignets, Mardi Gras, and delicious cold-brew coffee. Now you can enjoy your own New Orleans-style cold brew at home, thanks to Grady’s Cold Brew Kit. It comes with everything you need to make your own amazing iced coffee right in your own kitchen: a pouch of 12 bean bags and a convenient pouch with a spout that allows for easy pouring right from the fridge.

Designed by Grady's Cold Brew Kit

Country: United States


 “All for wine, and wine for all!”  It used to be that boxed wine was a last resort, but Bbox is looking to change the way people think of wine. Awesome TLV developed packaging that makes Bbox appealing to consumers who are youthful and looking for something easy yet still incredibly special for any occasion. With fun copywriting, bold text, and a bright pink, this easy-to-carry box allows consumers to enjoy well-made wine at dinner parties, parks, and get-togethers with friends.

Designed by Awesome TLV

Country: Israel


A-100 sells carefully crafted burgers, delivered right to your door. In order to become a top choice for home delivery, they turned to Savvy Pirate Communication for branding and packaging that would bring the consumer closer to the process of making the burger. Food arrives in cardboard boxes with specialized stamps on them that have a more industrialized look. The approach is simple and straightforward without excess graphics or text, making it feel precise while only including the essential information.

Designed by Savvy Pirate Communication

Country: Portugal


Taking your salad to go is now even easier and free of worry about how to top it with your favorite dressing. Now you can enjoy dressings to go in convenient, resealable packaging. These mini-sized 3.2 ounce packets, designed by Bulletproof, allow consumers to eat what they love and not have to think about how to portion out their large dressing bottles.

Lynne Strickler, brand manager, mentions, “Our biggest challenge was to create a design that did justice to the big, lively flavors and culinary adventure inside each pouch, while still remaining identifiably ‘Kraft.’”

Designed by Bulletproof

Country: United States


Having braces isn’t exactly the most enjoyable thing in the world, but Natural Orthodontics Products hopes to improve the overall experience. The brand offers the highest quality products and the most innovative solutions for the dental segment. FAZdesign was tasked with creating new packaging for all of the products in their line.

Designed by FAZdesign

Country: Brazil


Working in bio mimicry principles the designer repeated one of the main structural parts of the flower and conceptualized the pistil as an optimal shape for a two – liter juice bottle.

The pistil is the initial outflow, where the juice forms. Then it becomes a fruit, which in its turn ripens finally becoming juice. The natural color of the juice makes up the major part of the bottle space. In composition with white label and black logo, it makes the bottle shelf shout, different from the competitors and solves the problem of merchandising.

Designed by Backbone Branding

Country: Armenia


It is scientifically impossible to eat just one pistachio. Okay, that’s not actually true, but if you’ve ever popped open a fresh pistachio from the shell, you know that the struggle is real. Of course, this means that a mid-day snack break can turn into quite a mess in a short amount of time, and this is where Pistachio Provenance comes in. These clever little boxes of pistachios, designed by Kingdom & Sparrow, come with a sliding divider that gives you the perfect spot to put your discarded shells.

Designed by Kingdom & Sparrow

Country: United Kingdom


Designer Elia Tsamantaki didn’t just set out to create attractive, new packaging for Cookfish Ltd—she aimed to solve a problem. For Cookfish, the line of seafood that allows pretty much anyone to cook a fish to perfection, this meant helping consumers to see the type of packaging used in an entirely new light.

“Cookfish Ltd is a Greek company which provide a new way to enjoy perfectly cooked fish in just minutes, using oven-safe bags that trap in moisture and natural juices in order to keep the fish from drying out. The raw materials are selected from sustainable sources with respect to the environment and then they are given to Chefs for a light marinade, preserving intact all the beneficial components of the fish.”

Designed by Elia Tsamantaki

Country: Greece


Did you know that all of your favorite rum-based drinks come pre-mixed and ready to drink? Super Tuesday has redesigned Malibu Cans to make them a prime choice for rum lovers everywhere.

“Malibu Cans have been on the market in UK, Netherlands and US for some years. All in all a successful launch. The aim with the re-design was to create the Cans 2.0. To increase stand out on shelf and become the leader in the pre-mixed category. Super Tuesday developed a new design for the portfolio, where the outline from the Malibu bottle became the foundation for the new design concept.”

Designed by Super Tuesday

Country: Sweden


Cito is a restaurant with heart. Giving you delicious, wholesome food that comes in fair portions, it aims to keep you healthy and happy. Estudio Yeyé developed the branding and packaging for the restaurant located in Mexico’s capital.

“Cito is a little place located on the always young Colonia Juarez in Mexico City. We use the ‘cito’ as a common name for the small things. In Mexican culture portions are large and this often causes people to be overweight, Cito provides a controlled menu that cares about your little heart. Simple and clean.”

Designed by Estudio Yeyé

Country: Mexico


Remember Campbell’s? The brand of condensed soups was starting to get lost on the shelves and lose the connection it had with its target market. Campbell Soup Company turned to Y&R Kuala Lumpur to get people drinking their wholesome soups again. 

“No matter the time or place, everybody needs some positivity in their everyday lives. So we took our can’s iconic design, and turned them into messages of hope. Every poster, postcard, print ad, bus shelter, and packaging idea featured positive reasons to keep drinking Campbell’s, but maintained the visual identity and familiarity of the brand. The campaign was launched on carefully selected touch points, making sure the right message reaches the right people.”

Designed by Y&R Kuala Lumpur

Country: Malaysia


Union Wine Co.'s canned wines were a real game changer for everyone when they came out. Enjoy a cool & crisp 12-ouncer by the poolside no wine glasses required. But for those who are looking for a little extra something that will really get the party started, check out the new Underwood Sparkling Wine. This bubbly refreshment is packaged in aluminum cans wrapped in gold, ready for the glam life. Continuing with the minimalist aesthetic, the logo is placed front and center with the brand's story written on the back. The subtlety of the logo represents Union's mission: to create a wine that consumers feel they can drink even in a casual setting.

Via Union Wine Co.


Meet the next great adventure in coffee: a creamy yet dairy-free cold brew latte. Combining almond and macadamia milks with a cold brew made from a blend of direct-sourced beans, Farm Design has a tasty way to enjoy some morning joe.

“The Califia Nitro Cold Brew line-up is completely vegan, dairy-free, GMO-free, soy-free and carrageenan-free and includes: Califia Nitro Cold Brew Latte, a perfectly balanced blend of Califia’s award-winning creamy Almondmilk, direct-sourced cold brew coffee and nitrogen-infused micro-foam; Califia Nitro Cold Brew Mocha, with an extra rich blast of cocoa, and Califia Nitro Cold Brew New Orleans, which is jazzed with uniquely smooth NOLA-influenced notes of chicory.”

Designed by Farm Design

Country: United States


A fresh and lovely bouquet of flowers is a guaranteed way to put a smile on someone’s face. For the “Share Collection” from florist Coco Fiori, the point was to not just share a bouquet with one person, but to spread the joy to more people. Backbone Branding developed the packaging for this flower brand that wants to encourage consumers to share beauty.

Designed by Backbone Branding

Country: Armenia

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