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Liderfood's Flexible Identity System Adds Whimsey to the Meat Industry

by margaret andersen on 05/01/2017 | 2 Minute Read

MORE Studio in Tbilisi, Georgia has created a playful identity system that truly reflects their client's motto: LIDERFOOD™ - for Happy Moments. They replaced the company's generic "food industry" logo with a minimalist, one color mark that evokes both a smile and a sausage link, and can be applied to everything from meat packaging, to t-shirts, to stationary and business cards. 

"Our lives are nothing but a series of moments, and if there is one thing we could all agree on, it is that everyone should be a bit more present, in the moment, and appreciative of those little nuggets of joy we so often fail to notice. 

LIDERFOOD™ is one of the largest meat production companies in Georgia. We were approached with a challenge to create a consistent brand identity and packaging design to fit a range of as many as 60 SKUs. Considering the many rules and limitations of this particular product category, the task seemed like a bit of a head scratcher. 

What we came up with was a minimalistic, yet daring approach based on the universal appreciation of yummy moments in life, and the slogan to go with it: LIDERFOOD™ - for Happy Moments. We decided to keep branding simple, clean and elegant, while holding on to the traditional values that came with the brand and its history."


Design: MORE™ Studio
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

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