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The Dieline Awards 2017: Ringana - Superfoods

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/02/2017 | 3 Minute Read

RINGANA produces fresh cosmetics and superfoods that exactly consist of one ingredient: nature. After the successful rebranding that emphasises this naturalness, moodley put the product group of the supplements into a new packaging.

Lots of work and several years of developing lead to RINGANA’s products. Their standard is always as high as absolute freshness goes – without artificial ingredients, without compromises. A philosophy, the packaging should transport, too, while it focuses on the essential and also reflects the spirit of innovation. You see, RINGANA isn’t just uncompromisingly good when it comes to their products.

The product range of RINGANA involve DRINKS, CAPS and PACKS amongst others. The first step was to create a reduced, timeless design, that gives you an overview and enables you to differentiate between products. At the same time it makes totally clear, that these are different products, but one brand. Step two: an easier handling – for customers and employees who have to prepare products for distribution.


Designed By: moodley brand identity
Client: RINGANA GmbH
Art Directors: Wolfgang Niederl, Sabine Kernbichler
Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz
Designers: Sabine Kernbichler, Viola Prüller
Photographers: Alex Krischner, Michael Königshofer, Lilly Mörz, Croce & Wir
Strategic Consulting: Gernot Leonhartsberger
Brand Consulting & Project Management: Lisa Haller
Location: Austria

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