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The Dieline Awards 2017: Of Unusual Kind Paper Dolls

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/02/2017 | 3 Minute Read

Of Unusual Kind is an eclectic collection of paper dolls designed to inspire imaginative play and vivid make-believe. A beautifully handcrafted respite from technology, Of Unusual Kind is a celebration of paper craft, exquisite pattern and unique, individual style. Inspired by the cherished tradition of paper dolls yet adorned with Anja Kroencke’s whimsically modern illustrations, the collection invites you to dress up and endlessly explore. Each time you add a new doll to your collection, you can mix and match from each wardrobe, creating infinite new looks. Metal brads are used to assemble the dolls and allow for playful movement.


Designed By: Studio Anja Kroencke
Client: Of Unusual Kind
Illustrator: Anja Kroencke
Art Director: Anja Kroencke
Designer: Anja Kroencke
Photographer: Jessica Sipe
Copywriter: Courtney Saunders
Styling: Emily Blistein
Printer: DataGraphic
Manufacturer: Studio Anja Kroencke

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