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20 Creative Packaging Designs that aren't Afraid to Get Personal

by Elizabeth Freeman on 04/27/2017 | 24 Minute Read

Personalized packaging is becoming a standard experience with brands today. With social media, 3D scanning and printing, and other technological improvem ents, it's easier now than ever before for brands to create a sense of intimacy with their consumers. We found 20 creative designs that show just how these meaningful touches can play a part in packaging.

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It's been over a month since Punxsutawney Phil saw his own shadow on Groundhog Day which means winter is still in full swing, but Starbucks is here to boost our moods and remind us that Spring is just around the corner.

Starbucks announced today that for the first time ever they'll be serving their famous coffee in special Spring-themed cups. Their reasoning was “because after the gray days of winter, there’s nothing quite like those first few bursts of color that indicate the arrival of springtime.” We completely agree and love the bold idea and the bright color scheme of these limited-edition cups.

Designed by Starbucks

Via: Refinery29


PepsiCo has announced its brand-new product set to launch February 2017 in the United States. A premium bottled water called LIFEWTR “fuses creativity and design to serve as a source of inspiration, as well as hydration, to usher in a new era of thirst quenchers.”  Its brand identity will serve as a blank canvas for labels designed by up and coming artists to provide exposure in a broad scale to the worlds of graphic design, photography, fine arts, and more. 

Designed by In-house Pepsico

Country: United States


Cute packaging is definitely not something that comes to mind when thinking of laxatives. Russian agency Wunderbar! is here to change that with their conceptual project, Woop.

"Our life is an endless chain of efforts and outcomes. Relaxation comes after every stress. And how unpleasant it is when this balance is broken by constipation. Because of it you can't get rid of unnecessary pressure and nothing pleases you. This new soft natural laxative Woop brings you relief and puts a smile back upon your face! Woop. What should go easy – goes easy."

Designed by Wunderbar!

Country: Russia


Jakov Jakovljević designed the packaging for conceptual energy drink brand "Funny Bunny." The design features bold, bright colors and adorable anime-inspired illustrations of bunnies. 

"These designs are for a fictional brand of energy drinks, inspired by bunnies, anime and over-the-top cuteness. The main idea was to challenge the trope of energy drinks for being marketed as super-edgy and tough. Bright colors and cheerful characters accompany a wide variety of flavors. The goal was to make the packaging as sweetly energetic as the drink itself.”

Designed by Jakov Jakovljević

Country: Serbia


These boxes of pasta are too fun! Using illustrations and strategic cutouts, Bunker developed the boxes for these healthy noodles to have maximum personality. Each variety has its own unique character that makes the brand humorous, personable, and full of energy.

Designed by Bunker

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina


What an adorable chocolate bar! Full of Flavour is a brand of chocolate designed for younger audiences by Monika Wojtaszek-Dziadusz. Milk and white chocolate, the most common flavors, are combined with fruits and even jelly beans to give an unexpected twist to a typical chocolate bar.

Designed by Monika Wojtaszek-Dziadusz

Country: Poland


Happy Halloween from Fanta! Each year Fanta likes to dress up for Halloween and this year they've launched halloween themed can designs that are both colorful and full of fruity spirit. 

"Designed by illustrator Noma Bar, Fanta bottles, cans and multi-packs feature four ghoulish characters and are available in stores across the US for a limited time."

“Halloween is the one time of year when teens and adults have an unfettered license to have fun – from festive costumes to themed parties,” said Valencia Mitchell, brand director, Fanta. “Fanta stands for fun and variety, and our carefree, spontaneous brand personality makes Halloween the perfect time to connect with consumers and help them add a spark to this already fun holiday.”

Via: The Drum


If you're looking to be the life of the party then grab a few cases of Noble Rey Beer. Designed by Magnificent Beard, beers with quirky names are packaged in aluminum cans that utilize a stacking system. Illustrated with badass fictional characters, each can takes on a persona according the brew's style. 

Designed by Magnificent Beard

Country: United States


Sprite's "Obey Your Verse" continues to grow with a new set of cans featuring lyrics from 2PAC, Missy Elliott and J.Cole. A few months back we featured the first set that Sprite released and we are really excited to see what other artists are to come. Each can is emblazoned with custom fonts, created by Erik Marinovich, that represent the style of both the artist and lyric.

Designed by Turner Duckworth, Golden

Country: United States, United Kingdom


As a companion to its wildly successful S’well bottle, S’well announced its sister brand called S’ip by S'well.

S'ip by S'well is a playfully designed 15 oz. vessel, bringing charm and fun to your everyday hydration - showing what’s on the inside…on the outside. The vast array of available patterns and colors are designed to keep you sipping in style, with a S’ip bottle to match any mood, personality, outfit or activity. 

Designed by Beardwood & Co

City: New York


Emojis aren’t just for your text messages anymore. Pepsi has announced their “Say it with Pepsi” campaign, which is set to launch in 100 markets around the world this summer and will feature a number of emojis on bottles and cans. PepsiCo Design has developed hundreds of PepsiMoji designs, both for global markets and more local ones.

Designed by PepsiCo Design

Country: United States


Student Lydia Bedford designed this bold packaging for Trailblaze, a conceptual company that brings insect delicacies from all over the world to a mainstream audience. Fun graphic illustrations help make the products seem friendly, and this packaging just might get you to try an insect or two.

Designed by Lydia Bedford

Country: United Kingdom


Behind these eye-catching beer cans is Thirst, a Creative and Social Agency that specializes in the craft drinks market. Located in Glasgow, the agency has worked with clients all around the world, including Brewgooder, Loch Ness Brewery, Lindemans, and more. 

Designed by Thirst

Country: United Kingdom


This is definitely not your grandmother’s tea. IWANT has created the incredibly colorful and awesome packaging for Niche Tea. The bold and contemporary look makes this tea truly stand out from all the rest in the market and plays true to their motto: “crafted uniquely blended beautifully.”

Designed by IWANT

Country: United Kingdom


You go to the coffee shop for the ambiance and environment, so the products your barista uses shouldn’t be overlooked. Marchoc is a delightfully retro and playful line of drinking chocolates that are easy for coffee shop employees to tell apart. Each flavor has its own unique label designed by Greek agency Luminous Design Group.

Designed by Luminous Design Group

Country: Greece


Student Lydia Bedford designed this fun graphic-driven concept for The Otley Run. The design features bold illustrations in order to bring on cheery vibes.

“The Otley Run is one of the most renowned pub-crawls in the country, enjoyed in Leeds by the masses. Piggy backing on the experience is The Otley Run Co., providing a unique beer for each of the 18 pubs along the way.”

Designed by Lydia Bedford

Country: United Kingdom


Barcelona-based studio Atipus has come up with the design for Vi Novell 2016, the newest wine from Catalonian winery Celler Masroig. The concept behind the design was to create something fun, festive and ready to tag along to the party.

"The Vi Novell is, first of all, fun. It's a unique product: a young and perishable wine, ill-mannered and traditional in equal parts. It's a kind of wine that makes no sense without the celebration of its party. And it is precisely from this party that arises the concept of the graphic identity for this 2016 edition of Vi Novell." 

Designed by Atipus

Country: Barcelona


Agencies often send out holiday gifts to clients, and Goods & Services went above and beyond to provide an extra-special experience for their present recipients. Not only did they create four unique packs of crackers with character inspiration from traditions around the world, but they even incorporated an online game into it. We spoke with Carey George, Partner and Creative Director of Goods & Services, to learn more about their prototyping process, the digital aspect of the design, and balancing beauty and function in packaging design.

Designed by Goods & Services

Country: Canada


Give a little spring to your step with  Origami Owl’s new line of essential oils. Designed by Blair Buttke and Alex Tulin, these scents will turn anybody’s frown upside down. Packaged in an array of colors, each dropper is stored in portable paper tubes that feature a series of uplifting phrases. 

Designed by Blair Buttke & Alex Tulin

Country: United States


We always appreciate when brands can have a sense of humor. Luminous Design Group designed the packaging for Spongie, a line of body sponges that really encourage you to pick one up yourself. Playful illustrations add an element of smile-inducing whimsy, giving the brand a fun personality that is totally irresistible.

Designed by Luminous Design Group

Country: Greece

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