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The Dieline Awards 2017: Utopick Chocolates

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/02/2017 | 4 Minute Read

A Master Chocolatier came to us with the challenge of creating a unique packaging that communicates a design that represents invention and creativity.

“Paco Llopis is a Master Chocolatier. An ingenious Craftsman constantly searching for new discoveries in flavors, textures and filling techniques in the world of bean-to-bar—an artisanal craft produced entirely under the maker’s control, in this case, using selected cocoa pods bought directly from local producers in Colombia and other Latin American countries.”

“He came to us with the challenge of creating a new design and unique packaging that effectively communicates who he is and what he does, in other words, a design that represents invention and creativity.”

“He already had a name for his product, Utopick: (a reference perhaps to the creator’s desire for unattainable perfection and, at the same time, a play on words ‘you to pick’).”

Utopick package their batches by hand embracing the traditions of a skilled craft, that is free from the restraints of automation. The paper folds to create two triangles on the front of the design, each with their own colour and texture, personalizing every bar.

We reproduced the same shapes on the bar, which is pre-cut into big triangles, taking advantage of the ships own geometry - the symbol of Utopick.

A paper ship that’s travelled from afar.


Agency: Lavernia&Cienfuegos
Client: Utopick chocolates
Art Directors: Nacho Lavernia & Alberto Cienfuegos
Location: Spain

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