The Dieline Awards 2017: Break the Mold Limited Edition Chocolates

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/02/2017 | 4 Minute Read

The Dieline Awards has presented by Neenah Packaging for three years, and this year is the first that we have collaborated for a special award. This year, in partnership with Neenah, we are recognizing the Best Use of Paper in a packaging project. This year’s award, handpicked by the Creative Director of Neenah, goes to Break the Mold Limited Edition Chocolates by Jess Glebe Design.

"To thank our clients, we put extra TLC into their holiday gifts this year.

After preparing countless batches of dark chocolates, we set out to design a gift box that would do them justice. Each box was wrapped in ultra-smooth Neenah® SLIDE paper and printed in rose gold foil. The uncoated square centerpiece was then placed on the front panel, showcasing raised glossy black ink and rose gold foil. The inside of each box included a handwritten note."

"To complete the package, we melted and stamped Limited Edition wax seals onto each box, along with handwritten elements and our signatures."


Designed By: Jess Glebe Design
Client: Jess Glebe Design & C.R. Copywriting
Art Director: Jess Glebe
Designer: Jess Glebe
Photographer: Jess Glebe
Copywriter: Caitlin Riley, C.R. Copywriting
Printer: Fey Printing & Morningprint
Manufacturer: Homemade/Small Batch Chocolates (Self)
Location: Pennsylvania, USA

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