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The Dieline Awards 2017

The Dieline Awards 2017: America Beer (Budweiser)

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/02/2017 | 2 Minute Read

The Dieline Awards Editor’s Choice goes to a design that is handpicked by The Dieline’s Founder, Andrew Gibbs, for its outstanding mission and execution. This year’s Editor’s Choice award goes to America Beer by jones knowles ritchie. jones knowles ritchie took this iconic American brand and told the story of its heritage with precise details and design elements.

"There are few brands that conjure an image of Americana quite like Budweiser. And Summer 2016 was the most American Summer ever: the build-up to a Presidential Election, human achievement re-defined at the Olympics in Rio, the U.S. National Soccer Team winning the hearts of the nation at the Copa America Centennial. It was a time when our national identity was debated, re-evaluated and celebrated. Ultimately, the America packaging was about making an impossible-to-ignore statement: to literally hold America in your hand."


Designed By: jones knowles ritchie
Client: Budweiser
Executive Creative Director: Tosh Hall
Design Director: Paul Sieka
Design Director: Daniel D’Arcy
Designer: Augustus Cook
Photographer: Martin Wonnacott
Copywriter: Jen Chandler
Managing Director: Sara Hyman
Account Director: Phil Buhagiar
Sr Account Manager: Josh Griffin
Typographer: Ian Brignell
Location: New York, NY

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