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20 Packaging Designs That Make Consumers Feel like the Special Snowflakes They Really Are

by Elizabeth Freeman on 04/20/2017 | 32 Minute Read

In our mass-market, multinational-led world, the consumer is still just an individual. And as brands grow, the level of connection to the individual diminishes. The basic human instinct to be social and connected does not dissipate in a commercial transaction. We all want to feel connected to the brands we patronize and the products we use, so to satisfy this desire (without losing scale) brands continue to seek ways to offer variety. After taking a closer look at the trend of Uniqueness in The Dieline's 2017 Trend Report, we put together 20 amazing packaging designs that create a more personal relationship between the product and consumer.

Read more about this trend and download the free guide: The Dieline's 2017 Trend Report.


KOREFE. Kolle Rebbe Form und Entwicklung designed these adorable and clever tea bags that resemble actual handbags. The individual bags even come in tiny shopping bags as well!

“Since 1879, Hälssen & Lyon has been crafting the finest teas for clients across the world. During this time they have received continued support from their long-standing customers, that’s why we created a special direct mailing to thank them for their ongoing commitment: The Teabag Collection – the first tea bags that look and feel like the world’s most iconic handbags.”

Designed by KOREFE. Kolle Rebbe Form und Entwicklung 

Country: Germany


If you're into getting crafty with your hands, this is definitely for you. Phoenix The Creative Studio designed this fun modern packaging for The Bijou Factory, a company that specializes in creating self-made jewelry kits. The idea behind creating these kits was to drive home the concept that DIY and premium quality go well together. The end result is a beautiful product that is easy to make.

Designed by Phoenix The Creative Studio

Country: Canada


In need of a disguise ASAP? Mister Ames designed this fun concept for Beard Collars, necklaces that also double as beards.

"Beard Collars are a range of peter pan necklaces, handmade from sustainable materials, that double as emergency beards. To keep the packaging as green as possible I designed it to be assembled without glue and out of a thin sheet of card, printed on only one side." 

Designed by Mister Ames

Country: United Kingdom


Hong Kong studio Blow has continued their tradition of incorporating Polytrade paper for their series of Chinese New Year packets. Each design is stunning and exquisitely detailed, all the while incorporating traditional iconography and illustrations. We're pretty sure receiving one of these packets would mean extra good luck!

Designed by Blow

Country: Hong Kong


Fiasco Gelato has released a series of delicious flavors tailored specifically to the holidays which include Classic Eggnog, Chocolate Peppermint, Sticky Toffee Pudding, and Cranberry Pear Sorbetto. These drool-worthy gelato flavors come in mason jars that give off a homemade feeling, one that will remind you of cozying up in front of a fireplace with your loved ones.

Designed by Ayra Peredo

Country: Canada


Motto Bureau developed branding and packaging for Beerophilia Club, a new brand which unites real beer esthetes and makes a gastronomic cult of it. At Beerophilia Club, you will find a lot of fascinating information: at what temperature the bouquet of India Pale Weisen reveals best, why the orange French cheese Mimolette complements the taste of the trappist beer Rochefort and what aftertaste Chimay Blue will offer you. 

Designed by Molto Bureau 

Country: Ukraine 


The internet makes shopping as easy as ever, but it’s not without complications. Not everything you can find online is available all over the world, but luckily Globbing hopes to change that. Maeutica Branding Agency designed Globbing, making it a fun and accessible brand that makes shopping simple.

Designed by Maeutica Branding Agency

Country: Armenia


The Stantería Clothing Co is an interesting project about Mexican hand-printed T-shirts. The idea was born of Mexican creativity to see things from another perspective, the turn an everyday object into another and give it a new meaning, so it was like a lunch box became a package of functional clothing capable of carrying up to 3 T-shirts. The main objective was to communicate the essence of the brand, creating a fresh, modern, aesthetic identity and make it attractive for young people. Black color on a white background was used in order to create a contrast to give greater visual impact.

Designed by La División Brand Firm

Country: Mexico


The first ever playable Dj pizza box is here for all our UK readers out there. Available in select locations, this one of a kind pizza pie packaging comes equipt with Bluetooth that connects to your computer or mobile device. 

Upon disassembly, the cardboard box's interior is illustrated with a crossfader and two decks with pitch control, volume control, and play, cue, and sync buttons. In order for the mixer to work, Pizza Hut enlisted the help of Novalia, a company who specializes in printed electronics. From there, Novalia was able to embed microscopic electronic devices into the substrate to make what I would call  "the coolest thing ever!". 

Designed by Pizza Hut

Country: United Kingdom


Part book, part gourmet snack. Volkswagen is celebrating the GTI’s birthday in an incredibly unique way. Memac Ogilvy & Mather designed this book that features breathtaking images of roads from all around the world that look, quite literally, good enough to eat.

“Known for defying convention, and occasionally physics, it’s hard to believe the GTI has been around for 40 years. To mark the occasion Volkswagen has cooked up something special: The Eat the Road Selection box—a gourmet selection of the world’s meanest roads, hand-picked especially for the GTI—a car designed to eat any road. From the sea highways of Norway to the Arizona Valley of Fire, each road is uniquely flavoured to bring to life the destinations from around the world.”

Designed by Memac Ogilvy & Mather

Country: Dubai


Bon voyage! This perfect little travel kit will ensure that you have the best journey possible. With four different beauty products, you can expect to show up at your destination completely refreshed.

Weagroup has created Vagheggi Travel Kit Voyage: a kit that contains an eye and lip makeup remover, cosmetics cleanser-toner, skin cream and body cream, four products in only one colorful and playful kit, the ideal way to go out of town for the weekend or for the first sea day trip…and then ready for packing your bags.”

Designed by Weagroup

Country: Italy


Here’s a little something to sweeten your day. These jars of honey, designed by Maria Ponomareva, come from different regions all over Russia. With flavors like eucalyptus and chestnut, these delightful little jars offer a delightful and delicious experience of the country. Each label has detailed pencil illustrations to help indicate the variety of each honey. They also give the brand the impression of something that is handmade, making it a more personalized product. The label runs all the way to the lid, sealing the honey so that it stays fresh and safe until it’s ready to be opened.

Designed by Maria Ponomareva

Country: Russia


When you’re considering what diapers to buy, you’re probably least concerned about how they look. But Parasol Co Diaper + Wipes show what a difference it makes. James Prunean at Parasol Co designed the collection to be just as beautiful as the product is effective.

Designed by James Prunean

Country: United States


How adorable are these bee characters? Maria Ponomareva has created a mini world of fun as part of the packaging design of Honey+Berries. The designer was asked to design labels that were unconventional while conveying the content of the jars in a clear and fun way.

Designed by Maria Ponomareva

Country: Russia


Oliphen is for those who believe that eating healthy isn’t just a diet, it’s a way of life. Designed by Typical Organization for Design & Order, the decadent line of foods like chocolate and olive oil takes a straightforward and almost clinical approach that makes eating well easier.

“The Oliphen family of products for a healthy lifestyle. Oliphen products are made with a mix containing the powerful antioxidants of olive fruit (hydroxytyrosol) and grape seed extract. All this is based on the very latest discoveries of science.”

Designed by Typical Organization for Design & Order

Country: Greece


What better way to bring a smile to someone’s face than to give them a bar of chocolate? Saint Choco’s beautifully clever packaging, designed by Goze Ekim, combines traditional symbols with a contemporary design percept.

“Saint Choco is a project which is devoted to making children smile and to remind us that we are human beings regardless of religion, language or race. Saint Choco's approach to chocolate in all of its collections is like parents' approach to their children. All the details from choosing ingredients to packaging, designing of the packages, aim of selling, creating the contents of the collections and to visual richness are prepared by thinking.”

Designed by Goze Ekim

Country: Turkey


Hunsa Heat & Eat Bangers take premium Australian pork and beef mince sausages and blend them with spices from around the globe. Not only that, but they are quick and easy to make, perfect for busy folks who don’t want to compromise good taste. Dessein developed the packaging for the pre-cooked sausages from Hunsa Smallgoods, introducing these 4 new flavors (Thai Chicken, Mexican Salsa, Polish Kransky, and Spanish Chorizo) to foodies with adventurous palates.

Designed by Dessein

Country: Australia


For those stocking up for this Sunday's Superbowl, you might want to grab a case or two of Bud Lights NFL beer. Designed by Pearlfisher, the Superbowl's official beer sponsor gets dressed from head to toe in football teams' colors and mascot logo. 

Designed by Pearlfisher

Country: United States


Bold, bright and eye catching. The packaging of Dipnotics - a series of deliciously natural and healthy dips- has been designed by Design Womb to visually capture the essence of the brand. 

Talking about the project, the team in the studio comments “We worked to launch this brand from the ground up and the food packaging design reflects our art direction, brand voice, copywriting, photography, brand identity and logo design. We helped define the brand's quirky personality through humor and playful lab-like layout. The dip packaging is colorful and we used humor in the brand voice to keep things light-hearted and healthy.”

Designed by Design Womb

Country: United States


Angelina Pischikova designed this clever packaging for CS Lightbulbs. Each package features beautifully illustrated insects and die cuts that make the lightbulb part of the design, ultimately creating a unique solution that allows the product to stand out.

Designed by Angelina Pischikova 

Country: Belarus

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