These Containers Will Bring Something Special To Your Desktop

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/18/2017 | 5 Minute Read

These containers are sure to bring a little something special to your desktop. Wink created these beautiful handcrafted self-promotional containers. Each container features folkloric styled imagery with a limited color palette on a gorgeous textured wood surface.

"When we were brainstorming our promotion, we wanted to give out something that would feel cherished, considered and unique to our friends, collaborators and clients. We thought, who doesn’t like to organize their office desk from clutter? A desk container to hold your treasured keepsakes, treats, and trinkets. Our hope was that this container would bring happiness and joy to the end user, but lets face it–most likely it will hold odd crap like pens, rubber bands, and ticket stubs from a hipster band that played last night." 

"The containers each feature one of three unique designs. Each design was silk screened and letter pressed onto cherry wood and made from all-natural wood and recycled material from the North. When we mailed them out, each design was randomly mailed out enclosed with delicious artisan marshmallows from our good friends at North Mallow."

"Recipients of the Wink Promo were encouraged to post their container and showcase how they were using it via #winktrinkets on Instagram where they could win the other containers."


Creative: Wink
Letter Press Printer: Spark letterpress
Silk Screen Printer: Husbands
Location: Minneapolis, USA

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