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All That Glitters Ain't Gold - Sometimes It's Chocolate

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/18/2017 | 3 Minute Read

STUDIO CHAPEAUX designed the luxurious packaging for Le Jeune. The packaging features beautiful gold foiling details that allows this chocolate bar to stand out.

“The task was to create a unique and innovative brand and packaging design for the London based artisan chocolate brand Le Jeune. Maîtres Chocolatiers Ivan Le Jeune creates, makes and sells his luxurious artisan chocolate bars in the middle of Central London - in a quiet little cobblestone street in Covent Garden. There they are lovingly handmade, distributed and enjoyed. Each chocolate bar is a unique delicious treat and only contains the very best, the very finest ingredients.”

“The Idea: Pure Gold." 

"As a tribute to Ivan Le Jeune's previous career as a Swiss Investment Banker, the packaging design is based on the idea of a gold bar. All colours, shapes and sizes take inspiration from its golden counterpart. The new holistic brand identity fuses traditional craftsmanship and innovative design vision. Various branding blocks of the product and the brand are represented in form of especially created icons and tell the brand story playfully and entertaining. The bespoke word-mark interprets classic, calligraphy elements in a new way and updates the classic lettering look & feel of traditional sign painters into the here and now.” 

“The result: A delicious taste of gold.”


Creative Direction: Nils R. Zimmermann & Stefan Mückner
Lettering: Malte Schweers
Photography: Florian Grill
Postproduction: Markus Behrens

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