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Wauw Will Have You Screaming for Ice Cream

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/13/2017 | 5 Minute Read

Snask has come out with a new line of their own ice cream that boasts zero-added sugar. Their product is appropriately named Wauw, inspired by the phrase of excitement and astonishment, "Wow." We definitely have that feeling after getting a glimpse of this packaging!

"We always wanted to have our own products and ice cream is of course an amazing starting point. But when eating ice cream we gain weight faster than we can put on the next episode on Netflix. So we found a great factory in Denmark that innovated with us to produce a new brand with no added sugar. We branded the ice cream to look tasty rather than light or boring. We wanted an ice cream that cheated sugar and was an 'all you can eat'-product."

"We started by naming the brand to Wauw as it's the feeling you get when you eat the ice cream. In order to differentiate the packaging from competitors we chose a black case. We wanted to avoid the luxury bracket so we used 'tasty' and 'kind' typography and form. We used the classic ice cream ball since it's great as well as geometric. We also added a shadow to the logotype to harmonize with the shadows of the ice cream balls."

"The taste? Oh it's fantastic."


Designed by: Snask

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