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20 Adorably Sweet Packaging Designs to Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/09/2017 | 27 Minute Read

Never grow up. Sometimes designs don't need to take an ultra-sleek minimalist approach or engaging interactive element to get noticed—they might just need to look inviting, welcoming, and familiar. In the 2017 Trend Report, one of the recurring designs we noticed embraced a playfulness and sweet vibe, idealizing innocence. Through illustrations, animated scenes and characters, handwritten lettering, and simple colorful patterns, these designs evoke the simplicity of a children’s book. In our complex lives, these designs cut through by speaking in a language that our inner child understands.

Check out the 2017 Trend Report here.


These holiday crackers are unlike any we've ever seen. Toronto based agency Goods & Services designed these colorful and fun holiday crackers as gifts for their clients. The illustrations are adorable and bring a nice handmade element to the project while also giving each individual cracker its own personality.

Designed by Goods & Services

Country: Canada


This student project for cookie packaging is truly sweet. Caitlin Mee came up with this fun brand redesign for Ali's Cookies. The design is playful, and full of cheer, which is exactly the feeling you get when you have fresh baked cookies! 

Designed by Caitlin Mee 

Country: United States


Agata Jeziurska designed The Natco Company, a stunning conceptual brand for spice packaging. The Natco Company has a wide variety of spices, and each flavor is designed the reflect the specific flavor of the spices.

Designed by Agata Jeziurska

Country: Poland


If you don’t consider yourself to have a green thumb you may be in luck. Packet PVD, a shop located in Rhode Island has come out with a line of seed kits that are so easy to use that even those that are plant-challenged will be able to grow a mini-garden in no time! 

Designed by Sarah Rainwater Design

Country: United States


Food at its finest– fresh, local, and organic. The Food Field is a local organic market in the heart of San Pedro, México. With organic foods becoming more and more in demand, markets like The Food Field are flourishing. That being said, the importance of a strong brand identity is crucial. Designed by Parámetro Studio, packaging for the store’s milk and dairy products, honey, produce bags, and coffee cups are kept minimal. A bright yellow has taken over, radiating vibes of happiness and sunshine.

Designed by Parámetro Studio

Country: Mexico


LIBRE designed the packaging for Breadberry, a bread from Lithuania that takes inspiration from baking traditions. The bread itself comes in colorful packages with illustrations of grains and seeds decorating the outside. Transparency within the packaging also provides a view of the actual loaf itself which is a nice touch for consumers looking to get their grain on. 

Designed by LIBRE

Country: Lithuania 


Siphon Graphica designed adorable limited edition cans for Apollo Coffee Works. As the holiday season rapidly approaches, these come at the perfect time to help reinforce the holiday spirit. 

Designed by Siphon Graphica

Country: Japan


As temps continue to get colder and colder in the Northern Hemisphere, get a taste of summer with Absolute’s Summer Kiss. This refreshing grapefruit IPA comes from Absolute Agency to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and it even comes in a gift box with a specialty glass.

Designed by Absolute Agency

Country: Belgium


What an adorable chocolate bar! Full of Flavour is a brand of chocolate designed for younger audiences by Monika Wojtaszek-Dziadusz. Milk and white chocolate, the most common flavors, are combined with fruits and even jelly beans to give an unexpected twist to a typical chocolate bar. 

Designed by Monika Wojtaszek-Dziadusz

Country: Poland


Fiasco Gelato has released a series of delicious flavors tailored specifically to the holidays which include Classic Eggnog, Chocolate Peppermint, Sticky Toffee Pudding, and Cranberry Pear Sorbetto. These drool-worthy gelato flavors come in mason jars that give off a homemade feeling, one that will remind you of cozying up in front of a fireplace with your loved ones.

Designed by Ayra Peredo

Country: Canada


These dairy products will make you feel like you’re sitting in nonna’s kitchen while she makes you a delicious meal. BRANDEXPERT The Freedom Island designed Rodnaya Priroda, a new brand of milks, yogurts, and other dairy products that are all natural.

Designed by BRANDEXPERT The Freedom Island

Country: Russia


Inspired by art and their cats, this dynamic couple, Jeff and Tara created a unique line of soaps that is eye-catching and whimsical and appropriately called "Meow Meow Tweet." 

Designed by Meow Meow Tweet

Country: United States


Have a guaranteed good night's sleep with Ööloom Sleeping Masks. Packaged by Age McCann, this new redesign is too cute for words. With detailed illustrations found on every inch of the packaging, the cardboard display gives the consumer a variety of animal faces to choose from. Whether you are a unicorn, panda, or fox-lover, you can rest assured that Ööloom has a face blanket for you. 

Designed by Age McCann

Country: Estonia


Created by two Miami moms who wanted to avoid raising picky eaters and bring the nutrition benefits of latin fruits and veggies to the US, the Latin Baby introduces dynamic flavors to babies at an early age to diversify their palates. To bring their new product line to market, these momtrepreneurs needed a brand as bold as their flavors. 

Designed by SMAKK Studios

Country: United States


Beautiful illustrations for some very good chocolate. Design agency Happycentro created the packaging and brand identity for the milk chocolate range of Sabadi’, an Italian organic chocolate brand. Each of the unique characters designed for the series represents one member of the Sabadi family: Grandma, Mom, Daughter; Grandpa, Dad, and Son. 

Designed by Happycentro

Country: Italy


Hold on tight to your mugs, Target will be releasing their new assortment of Archer Farms coffee come August 7th. After gathering the opinions of target guests and team members alike, coffee flavors have been perfected and expanded to feature organic and natural flavor options.

Designed by Target Creative Team & Collins

Country: United States


VANT36.5 needed a rebrand to clearly situate them as a beauty and health lifestyle brand. They turned to Eggplant Factory to revitalize their look and diversify their product line with some high-end items and children’s products.

Designed by Eggplant Factory

Country: South Korea


There’s no need to hop on the next flight to London to enjoy some British biscuits and English toffee and fudge. Nik and Carole’s illustrations for Mr Stanley’s foods give the brand a fun and playful personality that will help it to get noticed in international markets.

Designed by Nik and Carole

Country: United Kingdom


KARAT, a Moscow-based cheese factory, has been undergoing a complex rebranding, and KARAT Cottage is their latest endeavor. The new dairy brand includes items such as cottage cheese, sour cream, and butter. Depot WPF designed this third line, creating something modern and fun.

Designed by Depot WPF

Country: Russia


Here’s a way to start your day off right: Plan-n Cereal Shake that is a blend of nuts, cereals, and fruits. Athens agency mousegraphics created packaging for this new drink from Uni-President Enterprises that would introduce it to consumers as a healthy drink with natural ingredients.

Designed by mousegraphics

Country: Greece

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