Yesterday's Headlines is Hot Off the Press

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/06/2017 | 3 Minute Read

Durham Brand & Co. teamed up with Braxton Brewing Co. to create this typographically-driven label for one of their special brews, Yesterday’s Headlines. Taking inspiration from the name of the beer, the design recreates what you would expect to see on the front page of your paper.


“Brewed with a boisterous bright finish, this Cherry Kettle-Soured Ale for Yesterday's Headlines Vol. 02 is crafted for the 2nd Year Anniversary from Braxton Brewing Co. The packaging celebrates the past year’s newsworthy attention the brewery has received and commemorates the impact they've had in the craft brewing scene. Keeping an authentic label look, vintage wood block type was hand stamped and scanned to develop this year’s brand. 800, 20x30" newsprint was hand-pulled and screen printed featuring the brewery's press release, supporting copy and branding was used to package the bottle – mimicking an old newspaper found on your front step.”


Designed By: Durham Brand & Co.
Copywriting: Durham Brand & Co.
Client: Braxton Brewing Co.
Printer: Steinhauser
Photography: Nick Smith
Videography: Nate Nunemaker
Location: Covington, KY, USA

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