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20 Striking Packaging Designs that are Total Minimalism 2.0

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/30/2017 | 25 Minute Read

With everything going on in the world and the noise of messages that consumers receive on a daily basis, many brands are appealing to the desire for peace. We've picked 20 of our favorite designs that are a sure remedy for an overwhelmed customer who wants to shy away from endless options and too much stuff. Instead of buy one get one free, this says: buy this one, get rid of two.

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Less is more, especially when it comes to those who have sensitive skin. They need products without a bunch of chemicals or irritating ingredients, like the line of plant-based Peet Rivko products. Designed by Gunter Piekarski, the packaging expresses the simple, gentle formulas used in each item. Black and white packaging along with a bold, sans serif font look incredibly modern and sleek, appealing to those who need something different from what’s on the market.

Designed by Gunter Piekarski

Country: United Kingdom


Kosås Cosmetics is not for those who are shy and don’t like attention. These lip colors come in rich hues like deep plum and bright strawberry that instantly draw attention. But these aren’t just fun lipsticks to wear—they’re all natural and good for your skin, too. Heavy Atelier, Inc. developed packaging that would express the brand’s values in an elegant and clean way.

Designed by Heavy Atelier, Inc.

Country: United States


“That stun gun looks pretty cool” is certainly not one of the things we ever expected to say, but Gard has proved us wrong. Just Be Nice studio designed the packaging for Gard to give it a truly sleek and authoritative look. Gard takes a strong, confident approach with black packaging and a modern sans serif font. Avoiding extraneous text makes it easy for consumers to identify, and most of the pertinent information is actually located inside the box.

Designed by Just Be Nice studio

Country: Russia


No surprises here: you’ll know exactly what to expect from C'est Ça Herbal Soap before you even use it. Aleksandar Cvetković, Inc. developed the soap packaging for the herbal cosmetics brand, making the brand experience incredibly clear to the consumer. C'est Ça combines a strong, angular rectangle with a perfect circle, making it fresh and modern.

Designed by Aleksandar Cvetković, Inc.

Country: Serbia


The organic garment and shoe care specialists Tangent GC is now venturing into personal care. First out is TGC100, a series of perfumed, organic soaps. One perfume oil is infused for each variety using natural ingredients only. No color, no preservatives, no petrochemicals. 

Designed by Carl Nas Associates

Country: United Kingdom


To achieve great flavor in any dish, you have to use olive oil. But not just any olive oil–it has to be one that was named one of the best in the world. Designed by NotoriusGrey, premium olive oil is bottled in a white flask-shaped structure embellished with an abstract graphic. A fabric sleeve envelops the packaging to protect it from breaking as well as offer it a more luxurious, high-quality feel.

Designed by NotoriusGrey

Country: Greece


Järna Mejeri is a small and newly founded dairy based on ecological and biodynamic agriculture. Care is put into allowing the animals to live as naturally as possible, no pesticides or fertilizers are used and production is completely environmentally sustainable. The design process was quite joyful, the client trusted Priority’s competence and ability to create a unique design. The free reins of the project resulted in a relatively short process, which led to a final result that has helped Järna Mejeri become an established actor on the market. 

Designed by Priority

Country: Sweden


Don’t make things more complicated than they already are. Essen International helped Grand Hotel, retailer Dafra, and chef Mathias Dahlgren to develop packaging for their new set of modern kitchen appliances.“We are of course huge fans of Mathias and had the ambition to translate his culinary vision and creativity into a modern packaging concept that pushed creativity but could stand the test of time.”

Designed by Essen International

Country: United States & Sweden


Snack to the future with the Soylent Bar. An all-new way for Soylent aficionados to experience the plant-based and protein-rich beverage is now available in packs of 12. 12.5% of your daily nutritional requirements is packaged in Soylent's signature white and black colors catered to the on-the-go designer. Like it's morning companion, Coffiest, the Bar reinforces Soylent’s mission of expanding access to quality nutrition by increasing their support for World Food Program USA, a non-profit based in Washington, D.C. that builds U.S. support and resources for the World Food Programme, the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide.

Designed by Soylent

Country: United States


Coffiest is coffee, but better. Instead of leaving you to put together a breakfast in the morning, Coffiest does the work for you, combining the nutrients you need and the coffee and caffeine you crave.

Designed in-house at Soylent, the beverage is part coffee, part soylent—the convenient and nutritious beverage that could very well be the food of the future. The company is a pioneer in food technology that aims to expand access to quality nutrition. Not only does Coffiest make breakfast a no-brainer, but for every case of Coffiest (and their newest Soylent Bars) Soylent also donates $0.25 to the World Food Programme, the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide.

Designed by Soylent

Country: United States


Treat your skin daily with ETNIA Cosmetics' Luxury Skin Cells. Beautifully packaged by Lavernia&Cienfuegos, you can now spoil yourself and feel like your at a spa right in our own home. The skincare range features a daywear cream, eyes & lips complex, concentrated serum, pure wear, and night cream. Each formula is packaged in an elegant pearlescent chamber that is placed in an ultra-minimal box embellished with an abstract shape and embossed copy. This flawless pampering item is a must in every beauty collection. 

Designed by Lavernia&Cienfuegos

Country: Spain


When it comes down to it, we all want to look our best whether we identify as men or women. Oh Skin recognizes the desire to look good and feel confident, and Emily Goater has developed the branding and packaging for the new unisex cosmetic brand. Oh Skin comes in relatively clean and traditional-looking packaging, implying that it’s a line of products that takes a no-nonsense approach. Amber bottles, black and white labels, and a sleek, modern sans serif font make choosing the right product simple.

Designed by Emily Goater

Country: United Kingdom


DÉCADA started as a journey to introduce a tequila to the world that was truly special and unique in every way possible. Something that could make a true experience. In todays rapidly expanding tequila market premium tequila has not seen any innovation. Brands along with distilleries see tequila as a commodity which shows in the nearly minimal di erences and characteristics of their pro les. Rather than innovate and explore a new approach they mimic each other and try to prove their quality by a similar claim of heritage and “mystic family secrets”.

Designed by DÉCADA Tequila

Country: United States


A belt made just for you requires packaging that makes the entire experience all the more special. Upton Belts is an online American-made brand that creates custom belts. Because the store only operates online, Wedge & Lever was asked to help create a physical manifestation that would engage customers, making up for the lack of an actual store location.

Designed by Wedge & Lever

Country: United States


The task was to create a packaging system for a modular headphone with over 20 parts and more than 500 combinations. The TMA-2 headphones are mainly sold, selected or configured online at but also at selected stores around the world. So AIAIAI needed a scheme that could service both the SKU management, pick & pack solutions for warehouses, webshop. While still retaining an interesting unboxing experience, as well as, in some cases also have shelf presence at retailers. 

Designed by AIAIAI / Kilo Design

Country: Denmark


Extrem Premium offers the finest selection of sliced Iberian ham in a completely non-traditional way. The ham comes from free-range acorn-fed Iberian pigs, which manifests itself in a superior quality. Lavernia & Cienfuegos created the packaging to place Extrem among the best brands in the category.

Designed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Country: Spain


Detox and cleanse your body for the new year with Comme.Co. Designed by Pop & Pac ultra fine activated charcoal is packaged into plastic pouch coated with kraft paper on one side. The front of the bag features the brand's logo along with a golden sticker of authentication.The back is transparent giving consumers a seek peek to the contents inside. A batch number and corrodents of the products origins are included in a subtle way without taking away from the minimal look of the brand.

Designed by Pop & Pac

Country: Australia


This perfume looks so perfectly sultry, doesn’t it? ZARA Woman wanted to give their fragrance a makeover, so they turned to Lavernia&Cienfuegos for the redesign. With specific instructions to leave certain parts of the packaging alone, they made key changes that have totally transformed the scent for the better.

Designed by Lavernia&Cienfuegos

Country: Spain


With pet product packaging steering in a bold and colorful direction, Mildred & Duck decided to take a daring chance on the classic black and white color scheme. As a way to represent the brand’s purity and all-natural ingredients in every product made, the design is kept simple with every ingredient listed on the front and back. Transparency is extremely important for this Melbourne-based grooming brand with a brand identity that mixes bold typography with softened round edges combined with playful brand imagery to complete the visual experience of the online retail store. 

Designed by Mildred & Duck

Country: Australia


Wedding videography is about the closest thing you’ll get to re-living your special day, so why not make receiving the video extra special, too? Nikolas Grigoriou designed the delivery box that newlyweds get for their wedding videography from Kostas Kastanakis, including a DVD and USB drive to preserve the memories. Weddings are often black tie events, and the delivery box looks elegant and sophisticated with clean black and white packaging.

Designed by Nikolas Grigoriou

Country: Greece

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