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Tekno Paints Get a Lively New Look that’s Sure to Turn Heads

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/20/2017 | 4 Minute Read

Brandlab has improved home improvement. After nearly half a century in the business, Tekno needed to reestablish itself as the top pick in the paint industry while also giving it a modern edge. They turned to Brandlab for a redesign that certainly livens things up and makes them stand out in the rather stagnant market of home improvement goods.

“It is the oldest brand of paint for the home and construction in Peru, with 50 years of experience and a diverse range of products. For many years the brand was leader in their category, but the brand grew weaker with time.”  

“The challenge was to regain prestige and leadership by modernizing the brand and revolutionizing a completely stagnant category.”

“The strategy was based on the concept 'more colors, more beautiful',” so this took us to make the colors the protagonists of the packaging. We purposely took off completely from the competition using a black background, which caused the colors to look more alive.”

“We went from a back-end architecture to a monolithic one, giving order and a greater preponderance to the mother brand, in addition we expanded the palette that each sub-brand used to show the variety of colors range.”  

“We design infographics using illustrations to tell in a playful and modern way the benefits, warnings, terms of use, and recommendations.”

“In this way we generate a substantial change, but without giving up the trajectory of the brand.”


Designed by: Brandlab

Art Director: Andres Nakamatsu

Client: Qroma

Country: Peru

City: Lima

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