Intriguing Can Designs that Visually Represent the Flavors in the Beer

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/20/2017 | 4 Minute Read

It’s not so hard to talk about what something tastes like, but would you be able to create an illustration or design based off of flavors? That’s exactly what Thirst did with Commonwealth Brewing Co.’s line of tasty brews. The colorful, abstract designs are certainly unique and give consumers a taste of what the beer is like before they even crack it open. It also creates a memorable experience, as if you’re enjoying a cold beer and your own personal mini trip to an art museum.

“Commonwealth Brewing Co. is one of the rising stars of East Coast USA brewing. Based in the laidback town of Virginia Beach and brewing out of a converted fire station, the brewery produces beers of incredible quality and flavour. They serve the town through their onsite bar and distribute further afield on the East Coast.”

“When Jeramy Biggie, brewer and owner, got in touch he gave us one simple brief: ‘I want to be able to visually see the flavours that I taste in the can.’ There are four beers in the core series, each of them unique and bursting with flavour.”

“To realise the design, we photographed textures of different oils, vinegars and inks interacting on a plate at a macro level. The evolving amalgamation of the liquids perfectly matched the dynamic beers they represented. The images we captured were edited to show deep, rich colours that had depth and intrigue that requires exploration, much like the beers.”


Designed by: Thirst

Client: Commonwealth Brewing Co. (Virginia, USA)

Country: United Kingdom

City: Glasgow

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