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Coffee Shops Need These Unique Drinking Chocolates ASAP

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/20/2017 | 3 Minute Read

You go to the coffee shop for the ambiance and environment, so the products your barista uses shouldn’t be overlooked. Marchoc is a delightfully retro and playful line of drinking chocolates that are easy for coffee shop employees to tell apart. Each flavor has its own unique label designed by Greek agency Luminous Design Group.

“Packaging design for a series of flavoured drinking chocolates for professional use. The brief indicated that the product should communicate to the professional barista with a packaging that would also serve as a visual element in the drinking establishments where it is placed.”

“Different flavours are communicated by the use of oxymoron illustrations with bold characteristics that describe metaphorically each flavour. The color palette is composed by intense combinations on the container along with the illustration, conveying the joyful sense of the product.”

“The typography underlines and completes the artwork as a result of the manual work that’s needed for the preparation of these unique beverages.”


Designed by: Luminous Design Group

Country: Greece

City: Athens

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