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Quorn Makes Meat-Free Look So Good

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/30/2017 | 3 Minute Read

Bulletproof designed the packaging and new global identity for Quorn, the leading meat-free brand in the UK. The design includes mouthwatering photography that makes meat-free eating look so good.

"Bulletproof comments: 'Quorn has long been the market leader within the category. But to achieve its global ambition to offer all consumers a healthier, more sustainable alternative to meat, it needed to step change penetration and shift perceptions to an accessible, aspirational nutritious food brand. 

An opportunity was identified to broaden the appeal of the brand by targeting ‘Healthy Discoverers’ – consumers actively looking for healthy, nutritious, exciting and flavorsome meat-free dishes, rather than settling for the staid and apologetic category norms." 

“Working from a creative platform of ‘lighter, brighter discoveries’ our design solution centers around the celebration of delicious food using sumptuous, editorial-style food photography shot top down by Andy Grimshaw, with the dishes presented in a natural and unstaged way. Reinforcing the brand name, a subliminal ‘Q’ is formed throughout the photography, either with the handle of a dish or cutlery resting on a plate."

“For added shelf impact and to aid navigation within the range, we introduced a split color system to the packs that teamed the iconic brand asset - Quorn orange - with a complementary pillar color to identify the occasion, whether dinner, lunch or on the go. The colored backgrounds have a rustic, imperfect feel for added authenticity and naturalness. 

To complete the redesign, we crafted the brand lockup and created the new ‘Proudly Meat-Free’ brand tag line to really drive home the confidence of Quorn.” 

"Peter Harrison, Quorn Foods marketing director said: 'Quorn needed a brand refresh to ensure it had broader appeal. Bulletproof have delivered a fresh and contemporary design, full of appetite appeal that perfectly reflects our future vision for the brand.'"


Agency: Bulletproof

Photography: Andy Grimshaw

Location: London

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