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20 Simple, Straightforward Designs Sure to Catch Your Attention

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/16/2017 | 24 Minute Read

There's a genuine beauty in some of the refreshing new takes on minimalism that is trending in 2017. Not just the simple words, shapes, and carefully selected color palette—but also the ease it creates for the consumer. These designs build holistic brands that seek to perfect the elements of their identity through specific but limited shapes and colors. The designs here almost have a generic feel, but by approaching this they establish their brand and cement it’s unique flavor.

View of all of 2017's packaging design and consumer shopping trends.

London agency Midday designed the packaging for Hurly Burly, a range of healthy cabbage products. The identity of the brand stands out and demands attention with its bright colors and blocky typography. The packaging also allows for transparency, so the consumer can see exactly what it is they're buying. Overall the design is fun and exciting take on cabbage.

Designed by Midday

Country: United Kingdom


Calling all candle lovers and the OCD prone, the perfect match is here! Long gone are the days of using any old matchstick, thanks to the creative minds at Leo Burnett Canada, who created not one, but four different size matchsticks for all your burning needs. Each colorful set neatly divides matches by length and color coded heads, eliminating the worry of wasting prized matches on unworthy causes. Never again will big hands thwart attempts to light that last part of your dyptique candle, simply opt for the long match and smell the sweet smell of triumph. 

Designed by Leo Burnett Canada

Country: Canada


Take your coffee obsession to the next level. SCRUB by Coffee Organics (C.O.) is a 100% organic body scrub made in Australia and scented like your morning cup of joe. SCRUB has the power to reduce cellulite, unclog pores, and it promotes circulation and skin renewal. OCHO Creative developed the packaging for SCRUB, hoping to reach a wider audience than other body scrubs on the market.

Designed by OCHO Creative

Country: Australia


Midday Studio, London redesigned branding and package design for 100% Natural, a small brand created by Charlotte and Jess, a mother and daughter team who makes delicious and nourishing raw chocolate brownies with sustainably sourced ingredients and produced using renewable energy.

Designed by Midday

Country: United Kingdom


Brandever designed Lost Inhibitions, a wine that isn’t afraid to say what you’re thinking. Whether it’s a long-lost diet or a not-so-cryptic eggplant emoji, the wine is sure to give you a good laugh (or at least make you blush). The witty copywriting gives Lost Inhibitions plenty of personality and certainly speaks to a younger generation—in particular, millennials. 

Designed by Brandever

Country: Canada


Design agency Kontrapunkt refreshed the look & feel of the Carlberg Germany can. With the desire of standing out from the competition of increasingly popular independent breweries, Carlsberg wanted to re-launch a pared back can design hoping to “ separate the wheat from the chaff” - or, maybe more accurately, the hop from the chaff. 

Designed by Kontrapunkt

Country: Germany


Union Wine Co.'s canned wines were a real game changer for everyone when they came out. Enjoy a cool & crisp 12-ouncer by the poolside no wine glasses required. But for those who are looking for a little extra something that will really get the party started, check out the new Underwood Sparkling Wine. This bubbly refreshment is packaged in aluminum cans wrapped in gold, ready for the glam life.

Designed by Union Wine Co.

Country: United States


“Tou Prevezanou” is a new series of frozen and pre-cooked fish and crustaceans launched at the Greek market by “Ionian Fish”, α family business from Preveza. For the new products’ branding, 2yolk “fished” for its inspiration from the long fishing tradition of the Goumas family. The brand name had to highlight the rich catches of the Ionian Sea and the Ambracian Gulf from where the products originated. Known for its renowned exquisite shrimp and exceptional fish farming facilities, the Ambracian Gulf had been the backyard of the Gouma family grandfather and great craftsman of authentic fish delicacies. 

Designed by 2Yolk

Country: Greece


Domino's has undergone quite a few changes over the years but this new redesign is truly one for the books. Designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie, the brand is taken back to its roots with its logo as the focal point on all their pizza boxes. All unnecessary information that once inhabited the packaging has been stripped down to a solid red or blue, that once put together, resembles a domino. The only copy one can find on the packaging is Domino's name alongside a standard the company abides by. 

Designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie

Country: United Kingdom, United States, China


These energy bars are certainly a sweet and simple treat! Made with healthy supplements and aimed towards the health-conscious, Suprematika developed packaging for the bars that would showcase the pure and delicious ingredients inside. Muesli bars feature a shining sun and growing wheat that look almost like they were drawn on with a crayon or oil pencil. Against the brown packaging, it gives a sense of earthiness and speaks to the wholesome quality of the ingredients, as well as their health benefits.

Designed by Suprematika

Country: Russia


My mom never goes to the grocery store without her list, walking down the aisles and crossing each item off as she places it in the cart. Taking this idea as inspiration for this unique line of food and drink, Depot WPF designed each product to be an item to pick up, written out as a Shopping List.

Designed by Depot WPF

Country: Russia


Get back to square one with this hypnotizing line of coffee. With branding and packaging by Pop & Pac, the fun and engaging design possesses a spark that helps it stand out from the crowd.

Designed by Pop & Pac

Country: Australia


Studio Navarra is bringing joy to our tables. Olive Joy produces top-quality single origin olive oils at a fair price and- to launch the brand- the German studio has created a corporate identity which delivers a clear distinction between Olive Joy and its competitors. This colorful and interesting brand identity delivers the brand essence in an original and fresh way which perfectly communicates the unique characteristics of the oil - high quality and rich flavors. 

Designed by navarra.is 

Country: Germany


Delivering you more than hydration, WaterYou is the ultimate recovery pack for your daily needs. One dosage of WaterYou vitamins can help you curb your appetite, heal any muscle aches, or make you more of a morning person. Designed by Urszula Krasny, supplements are packaged into on-the-go travel pouches labeled with a fun infographics.  

Designed by Urszula Krasny

Country: Poland


Bon voyage! This perfect little travel kit will ensure that you have the best journey possible. With four different beauty products, you can expect to show up at your destination completely refreshed. By keeping graphics and text to a minimum, it allows travelers to see the use for each product on their trip, no matter where they’re going. Additionally, the bright colors elicit warm and happy feelings that are often associated with traveling.

Designed by Weagroup

Country: Italy


POLO picks Taxi Studio to deliver a modern classic. Last summer Nestlé appointed Taxi Studio following a three-way pitch to re-affirm the POLO brand’s status as the iconic British mint. After generations of enjoyment, the POLO brand’s packaging was in need of some TLC to keep up with the times. Our team at Taxi was brought in to help refresh the POLO brand identity and enhance stand out on shelf in a way that drove relevance with a younger audience and retained existing, loyal customers. 

Designed by Taxi Studio

Country: United Kingdom


Good water that does good. Virtue Energy Water not only provides people with energy without weighing them down with unnecessary additives, but they also give back. Studio More designed the packaging for these cans of water that provide energy naturally. Virtue’s appearance is delightfully crisp, with wavy blue waters at the bottom and fizzing bubbles rising from them.

Designed by Studio More

Country: United Kingdom


Wake up and smell the coffee! Whilst you are at it - also look at its beautiful packaging. 

New Zealand Restaurant Brands teamed up with Mt Atkinson Coffee Roasters and 485 Design to create a new coffee brand- Ninety Two Beans Coffee Co. The integrated team paid an outstanding attention to details when it came to create the perfect coffee - they even counted the beans that go in the perfect shot! Needless to say, the result is 92 coffee beans. 

Designed by 485 Design

Country: New Zealand


How often do you run some hot water for the bath and spend a night soaking in a bubbly tub? If you’re like most other busy folks, then not often enough. Ramer Sponges hopes to change that, though. Buddy designed the packaging for this line of body sponges, from super soft to invigorating to one that’s perfect for baby. 

Designed by Buddy

Country: United Kingdom


Nake is just juice, and nothing else.  This line of cold-pressed juices is made with a variety of fresh fruits, and BR/BAUEN designed the branding and packaging to emphasize their focus on pure ingredients and big flavor. Nake comes in clear bottles to let the rich hues from the freshly squeezed juice show through. A graphic system is in place to indicate how many fruits are used in each one, creating a subtle background to the front of the label. 

Designed by BR/BAUEN

Country: Brazil

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