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Grab a Coffee and Get Inspired With Blend Station

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/16/2017 | 6 Minute Read

We're obsessed with this fresh, fun, and funky branding and packaging for Blend Station, a neighborhood coffee shop located in Mexico City. Mexican agency Futura came up with the modern design and wanted to approach the project by looking at all the various aspects of experiencing a coffee shop. 

"Blend Station, a coffee shop located in the heart of the Condesa neighborhood, is our first integral project in Mexico City. We decided to develop the branding concept on every corner of the shop. Along with a talented team, we designed way beyond a logo or a package. We thought about the whole experience: coffee’s place of origin, roasting methods, the drinking ritual, the ceramic where every blend will be poured, how every meal should be plated and even a huge mural on the wall that represents Blend’s essence. All this work was done to represent a space that wakes you up to the smell of coffee and inspires you to come up with new ideas." 


Agency: Futura
Collaborators: Blend, Solvar, Lum lum & Daqustic
Photography: Rodrigo Chapa
Location: Mexico City

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