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Get Crafty With Bijou Factory's DIY Jewelry Kit

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/16/2017 | 4 Minute Read

If you're into getting crafty with your hands, this is definitely for you. Phoenix The Creative Studio designed this fun modern packaging for The Bijou Factory, a company that specializes in creating self-made jewelry kits. The idea behind creating these kits was to drive home the concept that DIY and premium quality go well together. The end result is a beautiful product that is easy to make.

"We imagined a custom box, which breaks the classic codes of the jewel case, by adding a window that shows the centerpiece of the product. We conceived a fresh, colourful and soft packaging that matches the jewelry as well as the target customers. The shapes appearing on the box are reminiscent of handmade work and remind us of the different pieces of the jewelry." 

"In order to support the DIY aspect of the brand, we have created labels that directly include the buyer in the experience: a jewel 'made by you'. The smiley face that is created by the letters 'i' and 'j' of the logo also evokes this pleasing and reassuring aspect. Finally, the friendly tone used on the boxes reminds you that making your own jewel is 'as easy as taking a selfie' or 'walking in high heels.'"


Agency: Phoenix The Creative Studio
Account Manager & CEO: Fouad Mallouk
Art director/Designer: Clément Piganeau & Louis Paquet
Designer : Anthony Morell
Photographe : Alexis Malin
Project Manager: Cendrine Ippersiel
Client: Bijou Factory 
Location: Montreal

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