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20 Nature-Inspired Packaging Designs that Celebrate the Great Outdoors

by Elizabeth Freeman on 02/16/2017 | 31 Minute Read

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses? Nature provides us with plenty of inspiration and offers a wonderful break from busy, urban living, but we hardly get to enjoy it as much as we’d like to. Luckily, one of the big design trends of 2017 is dedicated entirely to the aesthetic of the natural world. Here are 20 of our favorite packaging designs that highlight the beauty of nature and give us an escape, even if it’s just for a brief moment in time.

These Gorgeous Chinese Red Packets

For the past 5 years in a row, Blow has continued to spread joy and prosperity to those lucky enough to receive one of 16 beautifully designed Chinese New Year packets. With a fresh take on the traditional red envelope, these bad boys take their inspiration from nature representing it through gold embossing, psychedelic patterns, and detailed renderings. Every year has its unique theme. This year features the combined elements of the past 4 years alongside the new elements, mountain, bamboo, butterfly, and lantern.


Chiri Dried Fruits Packaging Highlights the Organic Ingredients

There is nothing sweeter than a bag of delicious dried fruits made with fresh, all natural ingredients. Designed by BRID Branding Agency this packaging take the cake with its captivating illustrations that coil around the brand’s name “Chiri”. 


Caffeinate in Vibrant Color with Lord Windsor Coffee Packaging

A specialty coffee roasting company situated in the heart of Long Beach, California has been captivating the lives of caffeine drinkers everywhere. With beans sourced from the tropics of Brazil, Ethiopia, and Colombia, these flavorful coffee varieties are dressed to impress. With packaging reflecting the beans’ origins, pouches are embellished with colorful floral and botanical illustrations. 


Cafe Virtuoso Coffee Packaging

Creating the perfect cup of coffee is a bit like rocket science and the people over at Cafe Virtuoso have it nailed down to a “T”. By procuring and roasting high-quality beans that are certified organic fair trade, customers know that every drop of Cafe Virtuoso coffee was produced and purchased in a sustainable manner. 

With such an amazing product out on the market, packaging for it had to be equally as impressive. Tying the theme of sustainability, the coffee bags take inspiration from botanical illustration to convey the company’s educational approach. 


St. John Family Egg Carton

The best eggs come from happy chickens which is certainly valid over at St.John’s. With open pastures and a freedom to graze, St.John’s makes it a priority that their chickens live a long and healthy life. 

To communicate their humane focus on farming, Olio Studio designed an egg carton to reflect the core values of St. John Family Farms. Bright, colorful boxes give an authentic look to the brand with illustrations expressing the open space and greenery that the hens enjoy.


Rodnaya Priroda Dairy Products

Rodnaya Priroda is as close to nature as you are going to get. Made with love, these organic milks and dairy products are made with traditional recipes and no added harmful additives, synthetic dyes or preservatives. With a short storage time, I can reassure you that fresh is all you are going to get with this brand. To reflect the brand’s core values, a whimsical design of floral and fauna wraps around the packaging giving a sense of trustworthiness and relaxation. 


Gather Pet Food A Certified Organic and Sustainable Food for Pets

A new brand of pet food enters the market crafted from certified, NON-GMO and sustainablyproduced ingredients. With the knowledge that consumers are increasingly demanding sustainability and transparency in their pet food, Gather wanted to create a brand that makes a difference in the world. The packaging builds on this idea by focusing on the main protein source of each recipe with a unique illustration. Wrapping around the side of the bag, we follow the journey of the ingredients.


Blossa Annual 2016 Glögg Mulled Wine

With the holidays comes tasty food and delicious limited edition booze. Last year ended on a high note with Blossa’s Annual Mulled Wine. Perfect for the cold winter season, this wine is packaged in a festive green exsanguinate with a beautiful mistletoe pattern. 


Bottega Louie's Summer Limited Edition Poppy Box

Who doesn’t love macarons? France’s most beloved cookie hits the streets of Los Angeles in a stunning blush and red box. Inspired by the spring season and the poppy flowers that bloom in April, a variety of macrons are arranged in the box embellished with a collage of poppies. An accent of gold gives the brand its high-class. 


Savon Stories Lotion Bars

A line of luxury soaps that will have you washing your hands every 5 minutes. With raw natural ingredients and essential oils, these soap bars are handmade and wrapped with love and care. Designed by Menta, these products are packaged in thick, high quality paper printed with a botanical illustration each unique to their own sent. 



An olive oil that not only tastes good but does our society good. As part of a charity project, this product reflects that hard work and dedication of the work of people with disabilities and small producers. Packaging was created with illustrations of fresh vegetables and produce to evoke the essence of Gardeniers project.



A snack pouch that packs a lot of punch, Noka is your go-to to get all the nutrients you need on the go. Designed by Make&Matter, that packaging reflects the brand’s edgy style. The purity and simplicity of the product is celebrated in an impactful way with the main ingredients split in half and combined to form one. The typography and layout are kept to a minimal allowing the ingredients to really shine.  


This Packaging for Bloom Farms is Sleek and Elegant

Cannabis packaging has become all the rage these days with innovative ways to represent the product in a more exciting and liberating way in comparison to cigarettes. Pavement decided to take a more natural approach with a blooming flower as the product’s focal point. 


Beautiful Botanically Inspired Wine

A wine bottle that is too beautiful to toss. Designed by the California agency Makers & Allies, Provaca Wines are dressed from head to toe in a luscious garden of botanical illustrations. Straight from a textbook, these illustrations captivate the consumer with detail and scientific accuracy. 


Koia Protein Drinks got a brand new look!

A plant-based drink that is taking the beverage isle by storm. Redesigned by Interact Boulder, Koia uses its striking packaging to captivate the brands honest to good ingredients and inspiring story. With a unique fingerprint resembling a leaf, Koia forges the power of human individuality with the optimism and potential of a seedling.


Punton Di Leone Olive Oil

Grown, farmed and produced in Tuscany. This olive oil is inspired by the wildlife that inhabits the surrounding areas of the farm. Packaged by The 6th, each of the animal illustrations on the bottles are made up of geometric shapes, which help add an unexpected quality to the olive oil. At the same time, the muted color palette unites the illustrations with the overall earthy and organic quality of the product itself. 


ECOS Soaps

A line of soaps made with nature in mind. Designed by Liquid Pixel Studio and the ECOS Design Team, eco-friendly products made of carbon-neutral plants are packaged using clear bottles allowing the product to easily be seen. Instead of artificial colorings or other nasty chemicals, these soaps are pure and appeal to consumers who want all natural products.


Snejana Hill Cosmetics and Inspired by Kyoto Line

Beautiful to say the least. This line of cosmetics takes its inspiration from nature and represents it in an unconventional way. With a crisp white background, abstract illustrations hover in space creating an ethereal look to the brand. The overall design gives a sense of authenticity and transparency, allowing the consumer to feel like they’re simply enhancing their natural beauty.


YummYou Natural Cosmetics

Outstandingly nourishing and deliciously healthy. YummYou is an edible cosmetics brand that offers a range of products all of which are organic. Designed by Delikatesy&Frykasy, these coconut-based products are stored in jars labeled with playful illustrations that indicate what ingredients are inside and give the brand life while also emphasizing it’s an all-natural choice.


Yojoki tea

Packaging inspired by an 800 year old tea book, Yojoki uses floral patterns to create three very different tea boxes. A black and white artisan variety has a sophisticated look while the blends box features a watercolor technique that is less structured and more playful. Finally, chai is given a traditional interpretation depicting a botanical study. 

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