20 Simple Yet Stunning Packages that Epitomize "Less, But Better"

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/02/2017 | 25 Minute Read

Less is more? Not anymore. Today's consumers have a desire for less, but better. We've rounded up 20 packaging designs that are captivating in their simplicity while still adding a twist to minimalism. These designs speak to an over-saturated, over- medicated, overwhelmed audience. They speak in large text, small words, simple sentences. They know you are on the edge and they do not want to be the thing that pushes you over. So they work to calm you. They stand out by standing back, they catch your attention by shrinking away and speaking more softly.


There’s nothing like toast in the morning with a healthy spread of nutty butter. Designed by Swear Words, this line of nut butters are packaged in the most minimalist way with a pop of color to stand out on supermarket shelves. 

Designed by Swear Words

Country: Australia 


A fragrance that is one with nature. Designed by Esrawe + Cadena, Xinú indulges all of your senses. With minimalistic packaging complementing the scent itself, wood was incorporated to transform the bottle into a sculptural piece of art. 

Designed by Esrawe + Cadena

Country: Mexico


There’s something magical about the idea of starting with a blank canvas. It gives you the freedom to create anything you can imagine. With Winsor & Newton’s Canvases you can do just that. Designed by Carl Nas Associates, packaging for these canvasses complement the simplicity that is a clean white rectangle. 

Designed by Carl Nas Associates

Country: United Kingdom


AND UNION has broken barriers when it comes to packaging for beer. By straying away from the clutter of logos, nutrimental facts, and descriptions, they have created a brand like no other. Simple in nature but with a huge impact, each tin can is dressed in orange, yellow or white and embossed with geometric shapes. 

Designed by AND UNION

Country: Germany


Inspired by the popular american television show, The Simpsons, EAT MY SHORTS! is a one of a kind apparel brand. Designed by Tomás Salazar in collaboration withfashion designer Malena Blas, these psychedelic tees are packaged in a air tight pouch with a reflective surface. 

Designed by: Tomás Salazar / Black Canvas

Country: Mexico


Feel beautiful inside and out with Palermo Body Skin Care. Made in small batches, each item is handcrafted and unique. With packaging reflecting the purity and transparency of the brand, soaps, bath salts and elixirs are incased in beautiful boxes embellished with pastel-colored shapes.

Designed by Stitch Design Co

Country: United States


Minimal yet elegant is what best describes Microme’s Cosmetics. Designed by Funky Business, this skincare line is too beautiful to handle. With packaging that has the perfect touch of gold and subtle embossed patterns, this brand was made for the modern woman.

Designed by Funky Business

Country: Russia


You know you are having a good day when your eyebrows are on point. Designed byRobinsson Cravents, this eyebrow tinted pen is a must in everybody's makeup bag. With packaging that is clean and sophisticated, lines run across the packaging to reflect that variety of thicknesses the pen can achieve. 

Designed by Robinsson Cravents

Country: Colombia


For all you Soylent lovers out there, Soylent has just launch two more flavors to satisfy your nutrimental needs. Nectar and Cacao enter the line followed by packaging based on the original minimalistic design. Take your pick.

Designed by Soylent

Country: United States


Get in a meditative state with Kollo’s luxury teas. Freshly brewed using the highest quality premium tea leaves, Kollo was founded in Los Angeles as a means to get people talking about the underrated drink that has been around for centuries. Designed by Samuel Muir Studio, the cold brews are packaged in beautiful glass bottles with a screw-on cap. The brand’s logo, a “K”, can be seen etched into the glass giving a simplistic elegance to the design.

Designed by Samuel Muir Studio 

Country: United States


A roastery and espresso bar in Johannesburg known as one of South Africa’s finest coffee shops. Father Coffee is a great example of a brand whose packaging played a major role in their success. With unique typography and great use of space, the packaging draws consumers in for a closer look. 

Creative Direction and Graphic Design: Nicholas Christowitz 

Creative Direction and Copywriting: Chad Goddard

Country: South Africa


Does your puppy need a good scrubbing? Mr.Paw is here to help. Made with all-natural ingredients, the design is kept simple with every ingredient listed on the front and back. Designed by Mildred & Duck, a black and white color scheme echoes the transparency this brand is known for. 

Designed by Mildred & Duck

Country: Australia


These are not just any potato chips. These are made with the most exclusive ingredients found in the Nordics. And to celebrate these tasty parcels, packaging was created bring the snack food up a few notches. Created by St. Eriks, a Swedish brewery, a limited edition of 100 boxes are being sold to the public. Within this slender box gold-foiled with the brand’s logo, 5 umami-flavored chips sit in there own compartment ready for the first bite. 

Designed by St. Eriks

Country: Sweden


Created for the urban citizen, One iOS Lightning Charger is a long-lasting power bank that will keep you charged all day. Designed to feel natural in the hand, this oval-shaped tech product comes in 3 colors (a rich salmon, pitch black, and ocean blue). The small battery fits into a modern and easy-open package with a modern look and a playful personality. 

Designed by Veronika Levitskaya

Country: Russia


C'est Ça creates natural herbal cosmetics, handmade in Whitby, Canada. Designed byAleksandar Cvetković, Inc., packaging for the brand makes its identity incredible clear. By using a simplistic design structure along with a window diecut, consumers are given an experience of shape, color, texture and smell.  

Designed by Aleksandar Cvetković, Inc.

Country: Serbia


Believe in® celebrates the opening of their new Canadian studio with a testy bottle of Maple Syrup. The name Uproot reflects the company’s arrival in Canada while also referencing the process of creating the liquid gold. 200 bottles have been created, each individually numbered. The die-cut diagonal line on the front marks the geographic connection between Exeter in South West England and Mono in Ontario, the company’s two studio locations. 

Designed by Believe in®

Country: United Kingdom


Feel beautiful inside and out with JRINK Juicery. With new packaging showcasing the wonders of cold-pressed juice, this brand will knock your socks off. Designed by Design Army, a colorful array of freshly squeezed juices are bottled and ready to consume. The overall simplicity of the design represents the brand’s mission to be transparent with their consumers and provide them with the best product on the market. 

Designed by Design Army

Country: United States


Inspired by the 90s, where videotape cassettes were all the rage, this line of men's perfume should be on everybody's Christmas list. Designed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos, the new design is minimal and versatile to accommodate not only existing fragrances but new editions of the line as well. 

Designed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Country: Spain


Tangent GC is now venturing into personal care. First out is TGC100, a series of perfumed, organic soaps. One perfume oil is infused for each variety using natural ingredients only. No color, no preservatives, no petrochemicals. 

Designed by Carl Nas Associates

Country: United Kingdom


Canyon Coffee is an artisan coffee brand inspired by the rugged canyon landscape of Los Angeles. Designed by Fredericus l'Ami, a logo subtly mimics the canyon’s shapes with a gold road dancing alongside the letterpress printed design. 

Designed by Fredericus l'Ami

Country: United States

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