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This Soda Concept is Fun, Fresh, and Fierce

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/09/2017 | 2 Minute Read

We love this colorful concept for Wink, a soda beverage from Canada Dry. Students Laura de Miguel and Alejandra Martínez came up with this eye-catching Pop-Art inspired packaging design that is fun, fresh, and fierce. 

"This project is a graphic redesign of Wink a soda brand, from Canada Dry’s family. It is inspired by the 60’s Pop-Art movement, when the brand was born. We thought it was a good approach to get the product into the market again and give it a fresh start by bringing the Pop-Art style back. This way, the brand is more powerful and can compete with other competitors. The geometric shapes and the bold colors are references from the artistic movement. The superposition of forms refer to the printing failures that occurred frequently in that time." 

"We love the Pop-Art aesthetic, the way it uses the colors and shapes, and makes impact even in fashion designs, architecture or graphic work. We also love the tendency of incorporating bold flavors from old times and introducing them again with a new graphic language."


Designed by: Laura de Miguel and Alejandra Martínez

Location: Spain

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