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This Game Was Made for Type Nerds

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/06/2017 | 3 Minute Read

If you consider yourself a typography nerd, this just might be the game for you. Creative agency Goods & Services teamed up with Canadian printer Flash Reproductions to create a unique holiday gift for their clients and thus Type-Face the game was born.

"Type-Face bears some similarity to Hedbanz, as players put on a headband and place a card with a secret identity facing out for their opponent to see. But the similarities stop there. The identity is a typeface name, camouflaged in a pattern of letters, which can only be revealed by taking a flash photo with a smartphone (the name is printed using a special, light-activated ink)."

"Once the typeface name is revealed (to the player’s opponents), the player must ask a series of questions to correctly guess their typeface. To help guide the process, Goods & Services researched the background on each typeface, providing aspects such as its designer, foundry, attributes, history, etc."

"The game includes a custom box, rules booklet, hints for identifying 20 typefaces, 20 pins that highlight the personality of the typefaces, headbands and the specially printed identity cards."


Client: Flash Reproduction
Agency: Goods & Services Branding
Creative Direction: Carey George and Sue McCluskey
Content: Mike Barber and Dylan Schoenmakers
Design: Nic Bradford and Taylor Toth
Production: Derek Moxon
Project Management: Jess Arnold and Alexandra Montgomery
Printing: Flash Reproductions
Location: Toronto, Canada

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