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Student Concept

Chocolate Packaging That Intrigues Curiosity

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/06/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Student Svetlana Savenkova designed this concept for the new chocolate brand "Abrikosov and Sons." The brightly colored patterns are a bold approach to chocolate packaging and capture the attention of the audience right away. The patterns are also a nice way to differentiate the various flavors of chocolate from one another. 

"This is my package design for the new chocolate brand 'Abrikosov and sons'. The brand has been established in 19th century, but it needed a big refreshment of available flavors. For now the brand audience has substantially grown and the product is easily recognizable on store shelves by its original flavors (orange & blueberry, lime & mint, white chocolate & lemon etc.). This chocolate would make a great gift and provides a sense of curiosity."


Designed by: Svetlana Savenkova

Location: Moscow, Russia

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