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The Perfect Beer to Dance the Night Away With

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/01/2017 | 3 Minute Read

Constantin Bolimond designed this fun packaging for Haudegen, a modern beer with some innovative flavors. Each patterned design is intended to reinforce the unique flavor of each variety of beer. The design also embodies the marriage of modernity and tradition. The juxtaposition of the main logotype (reminiscent of German blackletter fonts) and the fun graphic pattern provide for an updated contemporary look that we can all raise a glass to.

"The new lineup of Haudegen beer faced two epochs: the ancient tradition of brewing and uncontrolled club parties. There are also two major problems that were addressed while coming up with the design. The first was to combine a modern, trendy design approach with the traditional approach of designing beer. The second was to help design something to visualize the taste of beer in the packaging."


The three flavors Haudegen comes in includes Coca Leaves & Others, Ale Pepper, and Ginger Porter. Each has its own distinct flavoring. For example, the Coca Leaves & Others is a highly fermented white beer that is brewed with cacao leaf and hops. The Ale Pepper flavor is created with touches of caramel, toffee, and roasted black peppercorn, while the Ginger Porter is brewed with fresh ginger root.

Another aspect of this beer that makes it special is the fact that the logo and pattern on the bottle light up in the dark, making it a perfect beer to dance the night away with.


Designed by: Constantin Bolimond

Location: Minsk, Belarus

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