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Winsor & Newton Canvases Prove That Less Is Sometimes More

by Natalie Mouradian on 02/13/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Sometimes less packaging is really more. This is the case with the packaging solution for Winsor & Newton Canvases designed by Carl Nas Associates. The simple and straightforward design allows for the most important information to stand out, aiding consumers in their process for buying a canvas. The packaging is also color-coded, as to differentiate the canvases by texture, which ultimately helps you create your next great masterpiece.

"We have developed a new global packaging concept for Winsor & Newton, founded in 1832 as the creator of the world´s finest art materials, canvas range." 

"9 ranges, 2 tiers, 3 languages, 107 sizes and 457 SKUs in total make it our most comprehensive project to date. The multitude of sizes were unified by a scalable grid and type treatment based on the golden ratio. The different tiers, standard and professional, were highlighted through two shades of cool grey using a customized negative version of the Winged Lion, first introduced as the company’s brand in 1881. The nine ranges are communicated by the same popping color codes across the two tiers." 

"We created a clear and consistent information hierarchy for busy retail environments, making it easy for the artist to quickly find their favorite materials and dimensions. The design is adaptable and can cope with being viewed from different places in the retail environment. The most crucial information is always in your sights."


Designed by:  Carl Nas Associates
Client: Winsor & Newton 
Creative Director: Carl Johan Nas
Designers: James Cotton, Anthony Sheret, Edd Harrington
Location: London, United Kingdom

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