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Supernatural’s Plant-Based Baking Products Come With a Sunny Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/03/2018 | 2 Minute Read


Miller and SZ Design have teamed up to create the whimsical and sunny packaging for Supernatural, a new brand of plant-based baking products.

“Supernatural is a new line of plant-based ingredients for creative chefs, founded by a former child Pillsbury bake-off winner. With creativity at its core, Supernatural's mission is to make kitchen creativity as clean as it is fun, removing artificial colors, soy and other toxic ingredients from pantry staples like sprinkles and food coloring.”


“Finding a distinctive visual language for Supernatural – one that communicated the authentic joy of baking without being overly saccharine, and color-pop vibrancy while maintaining a level of maturity – was the primary focus while bringing this brand to life. The color yellow set a positive emotional tone for the brand, and provided a distinctive but restrained foundation for multiple types of packaging design. Pairing a script logo with a minimalist icon further supported the brand's careful balance between controlled technique and freewheeling creativity (the same traits required of chefs while baking).”


Designed By: Miller and SZ Design
Creative Director: Samantha Szakolczay
Photography: Bobby Doherty
Design: Yael Miller
Location: New York City

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