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Think You Have What It Takes To Get In the Club? This Board Game Will Help You Find Out

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/08/2018 | 5 Minute Read


Ninja Print and designer Joakim Bergkvist teamed up to create this humorous and colorful board game that centers on the premise of getting into a high-profile Berlin club.

“It is difficult to get into Berlin’s legendary techno club Berghain. So much so that Ninja Print developed an entire card game, Bergnein, based on its notorious door policy. It is a club infamous around the world for being a temple of hedonistic indulgence and today it is an institution in the world of electronic music.”

In Bergnein you assume the role of the pointer of this night life establishment and it is your job to foster the right mix. Let the right people in, outshine your colleagues and win the game!”


“Behind the project are two Swedes – game developer and publisher Alexander Kandiloros (Ninja Print) and freelance graphic designer and illustrator Joakim Bergkvist. It started as a joke but soon developed into a serious effort to make a quality game paying homage to the world's number one techno palace.

The design is about contrast and club references. The actual club resides in an old decommissioned power station – an impressive, tall concrete structure. From their world class sound systems flows mostly house and techno of the harder variety as well as experimental electronic music. The music and the club itself, combined with the decadence, joy, style and love of the music brought by its patrons makes for a diverse experience rich with contrasts.”


“The ‘harsh’ industrial theme permeates the design in everything from the packaging down to the die cut shape of the cards. The craft paper packaging is decorated with a stylized image of the iconic industrial building. A holographic foil label on the top lid adds some style, elegance and fun to the otherwise raw impression. The back depicts a line of guests and the stern bouncer whom the players take turns channeling during the course of the game.

When opening the box you're met with the rules folder and an explanation of the two card types, Action Cards and Guest Cards. In contrast to the otherwise sparse design, the guest cards – representing a diverse bunch of club goers – are illustrated in a simple yet surrealistic humorous style, and are printed with neon spot colors.”


“The cards come in two separate matt laminated boxes neatly presented in the tray of the box. These are also decorated with holographic foil.

The result is a game with a sleek yet fun design, catering to both club kids who don’t usually play games, and hardcore gamers who didn’t already know about the world’s most legendary techno club.”


Idea and Game Development: Alexander Kandiloros, Ninja Print

Art direction, Design and Illustration: Joakim Bergkvist

Location: Sweden

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