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Brazen Vodka with the Packaging to Match

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/02/2018 | 4 Minute Read

Spirits and liquor brands love to wax poetic about their history, but what if there isn’t any? Instead of shying away from this, Famous Vodka embraces it. Designed by MG Studio & Famous Vodka and Matt Grantham, it’s got a hip, bold look that focuses on the here and now.

“Famous Vodka is a New Zealand vodka—unedited. No illustrious history, no heritage story and definitely no highbrow pretensions. As a small, bespoke vodka brand which was well received in the music/party scene but nowhere else, Famous was a brand with a massive ego, but no brand to match it.”

“With no history to base the brand on, we didn’t give it any. Instead we crafted a ballsy attitude and upfront manifesto. No brand story, just a way of living—it is a brand that simply pursues good times. Influenced by the fame, and famous icons, found in today's

digital streams and newspaper headlines an unapologetic, brash, unisex and ‘up for it’ brand was created with a stripped back colour palette to reflect its unbranded, democratic and open-minded outlook. Brand typography takes its cues from the mast heads and front cover layouts of alt fashion magazines. Equally at home in club bars, clubs and wherever a party can be found this vodka is carbon and UV-filtered, de-ionised, and blended with triple filtered whey spirit to create a ballin’ drink with a smooth aftertaste and none of the burny, ethanol (s)hit of grain or potato vodka.”

“The straight up, easy drinking original is complemented by its more bold and self assured wider family. Marshmallow, vanilla and passionfruit flavours are highlighted by pops of neon colours, taking style cues from punk/grunge-sophistication. It might act naughty, but at its heart, Famous is actually pure as New Zealand spring water.”


Designed by: MG Studio & Famous Vodka and Matt Grantham

Creative lead & Direction: Matt Grantham

Copywriter: Kate Hughes

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