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The Illustrated Label of This Beer was Inspired By a Shoe Brand

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/11/2018 | 3 Minute Read


With this brew, the devil’s in the details. Jacson França designed the packaging for Liker Beer. The label looks simple upon first glance, but detailed illustrations add a special touch to this brew.


“The Liker Beer Collection is an initiative of Liker Shoes from Portão/RS-Brazil. Liker produces hand-made, eco-friendly, vegan and handmade sneakers and espadrilles with style and comfort. Three beer labels, Brown Ale, Weiss and Ipa Indian Pale Ale, were developed in this project proposal, and a surface that encompasses the three proposals to illustrate the espadrilles. The challenge of the project was to put a historical context and at the same time stripped into each label. To finish, hand lettering and more rustic illustrations were developed, also the hand, to accompany the craftsmanship of espadrilles.” 


“In my view this project is special because it seeks to show a little of the essence of beer, working with three different labels and joining the three in the espadrille, just as beer is a motive for the union of friends for a relaxed conversation, a celebration or simply by group appreciation. In addition to exploring a historical context of each style, bringing information in a relaxed way.”


Designer: Jacson França

Client: Liker Shoes

Location:  Brazil

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