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This Oil Brand Features a Beautifully Crafted Infinity Sign

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/24/2018 | 2 Minute Read


Soyuz ² designed the packaging for Lonson Oils. The design features nice foil detailing in addition to capturing attention with its main infinity sign motif.


“The startup produces limited edition seed oils under its own ‘Lonson’ brand, using only eco-friendly ingredients with no additives or supplements. The brand’s concept is based on the very notion of cleanness and pureness. It symbolises oil producers perpetual wish to make a product of higher quality, which is reflected in the brand’s visual identity.”


“The composition is dualistic with a seed and a drop compiled in one. When connected, they create a symbol for infinity and symbolise both the interconnection of nature elements and the continuous repetition of extraction cycles in order to achieve a perfect result.

This conceptual approach is emphasised in production design. Bottles and tables are produced in limited quantities with designer glass and craft hand-embossed paper.”


Designed By: Soyuz ²
Location: Moscow, Russia

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