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Check Out The Elegant Look of This Traditional Swedish Cheese

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/23/2018 | 2 Minute Read


Cheese anyone? Pond Design created the sophisticated-looking packaging for Kvibille, a cheese brand with some seriously Swedish roots. The design features elegant typography and a rich navy color, giving the overall look a high-end feeling.

“Kvibille, founded in 1916, is one of Sweden’s foremost cheese companies. The company began producing cheddar cheese in 1928. The same craft, method and recipes are still used today.”


“Since Kvibille brand is already well recognized for its high quality cheddar Pond Design needed to make the Ösarps Cheddar special. Creating a unique differentiating design that shares the values of single farm origin together with the craftsmanship from the people behind.”


“The consumers’ curiosity for genuine stories continues to grow, as well as the urge to try out new, modern products. Consumers are also willing to pay a premium price for products that are locally produced in one single place created by passionate craftsmen.

The design tells the story of the collaboration between Ösarps farm, and the makers love for cheese - both located in Halland. The deep blue color of the background is inspired by the county flag. Pond Design added the unique origin from the dairy farm in Ösarp with a crafted illustration on the label, but also in the name, Kvibille Ösarps Cheddar. Giving the design a genuine and small-scale feel. The copy has a clear tone-of-voice that presents the bready and chestnuty delicious taste.”


Designed By: Pond Design

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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