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Gran Cruz is a Mexican Chocolate With Some Intricate Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/24/2018 | 3 Minute Read


Check out the striped and slightly trippy packaging for Gran Cruz chocolate, a Mexican chocolate brand that aims to bring ancient traditions alive through their product.


“Gran Cruz is a premium chocolate Brand dedicated to the pursuit of perfection, through artistry and dedication. From the devoted growth and meticulous selection of Mexico´s best cacao, Gran Cruz’ final product is a symbol of Mesoamerica´s powerful tradition and richness. The chocolate itself, seen as a ‘food of the gods’ in Aztec culture and the result of great work and effort, is portrayed as a valued award. With this in mind we opted to create a visual language that alludes to Latin America´s colonial era´s craftsmanship and military recognitions in the form of a ‘Cruz’ or medal, hence the name Gran Cruz.”


“The detailed patterns and holograms in both branding and packaging aim to communicate the product´s authenticity and level of attention to detail, effort and demanding selection process. The mixture of serif, sans serif and handwritten texts highlight the brands human aspect and artistry. A modern and vibrant color palette is contrasted against sober and monochromatic tags as a reference to Mesoamerica´s colorful culture juxtaposed with colonial era´s industrial European influence.”


Designed By: Shift

Location: Mexico

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