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This Healthy Food Brand Wants You To Use Your "Imagination"

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/15/2018 | 3 Minute Read


Check out this awesome colorblocked packaging for Food of Imagination, a Moscow cafe that has a variety of healthy foods available to take on-the-go.

“Food of Imagination is a Moscow cafe with products for takeaway. Every food item here is an alternation of healthy and dainty ingredients. Literally. 

This format aims at attracting a young and active audience that is open to healthful lifestyle. These people, regardless of their age, already have some achievements and strive to keep up with their social status. For example, through looking good.”


“They regularly visit fitness centers not for a Marathon medal, but rather to become the centre of attention at every party. They are not ready to cut down on delicious foods to keep a healthy lifestyle. They are too young for all these rigid restrictions. Restrictions are boring. They want to have delicious alternative. 

To fight boredom and in search of this alternative, extraordinary mixtures of fruits and vegetables were invented by Food of Imagination.”


“In project’s visual identity system a key role is given to a product. A variety of ingredients combinations together with unexpected inclusion of fruits and vegetables into traditional recipes lay foundation for the concept’s visual language. Healthy food is no longer dull and monotonous. Now its diversity can only be limited by the frontiers of your imagination.”


Creative Agency: SOLL
Creative Director: Dmitry Chigirin
Art Director: Dmitry Krasnov
Senior Designer: Irina Vasilyeva
Copywriter: Anna Filatova
Account Director: Sergey Kovalev
Account Manager: Tatiana Borisova
Client: VR Group
Location: Russia

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