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All Nuts Believes a Nut a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/09/2018 | 2 Minute Read


Sweety & Co. designed the bright packaging for Brazilian brand All Nuts.

“All Nuts talks to people in the present days. They are rethinking their food, but with the rushed life they have, there’s no time to make their own food. That’s where All Nuts comes in, with the practicality and certainty that by adding a nut a day to their food, people will be taking care of their own health and living better.

All Nuts has a varied product line with several packaging proposals. The idea was to bring to the daily life of people who want to take care of themselves, a modern packaging, that delights them and also has a unique strong identity from the three pillars of the brand: Healthy, Natural and Brazilian.”


“For the brand identity and packaging, we bet on a monogram that becomes a pattern (mesh with several applications) and we also used the overlap of the stickers to differentiate the product making for a simple and easy solution with low cost. The result is a family with movement, due to the diverse proportions of pattern and bright attractive colors.

Thinking about creating a badge that intersects the word NUT and the letter A (from All Nuts), we created a monogram that doubles as the reduced form for the brand. The result is a strong and independent element that reinforces the brand as necessary.”


Designed By: Sweety & Co.
Location: Brazil

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