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This Restaurant Wants to Bring a Piece of South Korea To France in a Sleek Way

by Natalie Mouradian on 12/05/2017 | 3 Minute Read


Studio HEKLA designed this sleek branding and identity for Bibibap, a new restaurant that aims to bring a taste of Seoul to Bordeaux, France.


“From the finesse of Korean architecture to street food

In downtown Bordeaux, Bibibap gives a twist to the traditional Korean dish Bibimbap. With a unique cuisine style and good prices, the restaurant staff wished to have a space where the client is really taken care of. Hekla has designed an assertive space with soft lighting giving a feeling of intimacy as well as a delicate and genuine corporate identity.”


“A wooden structure defines the space and hosts menus, banquette benches and order desks. The kitchen, willingly opened to the clientele, is set as a stage where dish preparation becomes a wonderful choreography. The hand drawn ingredients of the Bibimbap make up the basic identity of the place. The custom-made typography and the monochromatic graphite pencil treatment gives lightness to its identity.

Thus, Hekla breaks the traditional rules of fast-food. Bibibap becomes a welcoming and modern space, a high-end street food restaurant.”


Designed By: Studio HEKLA
Location: Bordeaux, France

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