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Natural Therapy's Packaging Incorporates Texture In a Unique Way

by Natalie Mouradian on 12/12/2017 | 4 Minute Read


BGN has created the packaging for Natural Therapy London, a natural skincare range that specializes in providing products backed by science. What makes this skincare range stand out packaging wise is the way texture has been incorporated in the overall design, adding dimension and reinforcing the organic quality of the product itself.


“Natural Therapy London offers a completely natural range of skincare, made with patented formulas that have been honed by British scientists for decades. There is a lot to like with Natural Therapy’s range – it’s organic, vegan-friendly, made with responsibly sourced, premium ingredients and completely free of microbeads, parabens and so on. The problem was that they weren’t in any way near as well-known as they should be. Their packaging was tired, and with their audience narrower than they anticipated – it was time to relaunch and overhaul the identity, targeting the mass market and repositioning the brand as a more premium, desirable proposition.”


Designed By: BGN
Creative Director: David Newton
Lead Designer: Jason Flynn
Location: Manchester, UK

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