This Wine Brand Comes With Some Seriously Quirky Illustrations

by Natalie Mouradian on 12/14/2017 | 2 Minute Read


MüllerValentini designed the quirky packaging for Selezione Aurea, an Italian brand of wine that is hoping to make it’s mark in Germany. The labels feature fun ink illustrations of a variety of subjects that help bring a sense of playfulness to the overall brand.


“Selezione Aurea was founded by two art and culture lovers. With the help of talented sommeliers, Selezione Aurea brings a dose of Italian culture to Germany, a key feature being the connection to small-scale regional producers. The appearance is based on ‘La Smorfia,’ a book of traditional Neapolitan dream interpretation. Dreams are associated with figures which are then used in a lottery. Each wine is given its own fanciful image allowing for personal interpretation.”


Designed By: MüllerValentini
Designer: Tina Müller, Miriam Valentini
Illustrations: Julia Friese
Client: Selezione Aurea, Lorenzo Martinelli
Photography: Christian Hagemann
Location: Berlin, Germany

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